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Violence won't keep some from Derby festivities

Anne Darku and her children celebrated at the Waterfront on Wednesday. Anne Darku and her children celebrated at the Waterfront on Wednesday.
Kofi Darku Kofi Darku
Cearis Blaney Cearis Blaney

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Several people have concerns about security in light of recent mob violence in Louisville, but others are ready for the festivities begin so they can attend.

The Darkus love Waterfront Park and decided to fly kites there for their daughter's second birthday Wednesday.

They also have plans to be at the park for the Thunder Over Louisville fireworks, despite the recent violence and new leaked information about possible threats at other events.

"I don't think for one instance I thought of, 'Oh, I'm afraid to go to the Big Four Bridge or the Waterfront,'" Kefir Darku said.

His wife, Anne Darku, feels the same way. 

"I love Derby and I love the kickoff to Derby season," she said. "We have company coming in from Chicago."

A half million people are expected for Thunder Over Louisville and thousands are expected at the Republic Bank Pegasus Parade. Police are calling possible threats concerning the Pegasus Parade in a leaked FBI document unverified.

Even with the news, that's not enough to keep the Darkus in.

"I feel like we have to enjoy ourselves and I'm not even going to let that affect me," Anne Darku said.

Others are still trying to decide whether or not to go to the upcoming events.

"With the events that have been happening, and that, and the weather will play a big part this year because I don't like big crowds," Cearis Blaney explained. "And if it's going to be a lot of mess, I do not want to be down here," she said.

Police have promised added patrols and new cameras have been installed around the Waterfront.

In a statement Derby Festival organizers said they are taking extraordinary measures to keep people safe.

The Darku's say let the festivities begin.

"Unless it was some DEFCON 5, DEFCON 6 definite threat, I don't see how we would stay away from this," Kofi said.

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