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Two men convicted of DUI back in front of a judge

Mandy Lay Mandy Lay
Christina Phillips Christina Phillips
Caroline Minks Caroline Minks
Jannel Eldrich Jannel Eldrich
Left: Cody File (Source: Shelby Co. Detention Center) Right: William Redmon Left: Cody File (Source: Shelby Co. Detention Center) Right: William Redmon

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Two men convicted in two separate deadly DUI crashes are again answering to a judge after police said they got back behind the wheel drunk. Both victims' families are angry as they lost a daughter and a sister to drunk driving. They had hoped the act of causing someone's death would be enough for the men to change their ways, but according to police it wasn't.

Mandy Lay and Christina Phillips have two different stories of pain. "There are some nights I go to bed crying," Lay said of losing her daughter. "You never get over it, you just don't."

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Lay lost her teenage daughter, Caroline Minks, a South Oldham high student in 2009. Then 18-year-old Cody File was drunk and speeding down River Road in Caroline's car when he crashed it, killing her. During File's plea deal hearing Lay told the judge, "I am so devastated since the loss of my daughter, she was our only child."

File took a deal of 14 years for manslaughter, but after serving just eight months, he was granted shock probation.

Kentucky State Police said Wednesday night, File was driving drunk again when he crashed his car in Eminence. 

"I was in complete shock," Lay said of hearing the news Thursday morning, "Our lives are supposed to mean something and when I found that out, I guess it never meant nothing to him."

Phillips lost her little sister Jannel Eldrich after a drunk William Redmon crashed his truck into her car in Meade County.

Phillips said of her sister, "She was ripped away at the age of 27 with a 9-month-old son in the back seat of her car."

Redmon got shock probation after his conviction and also got back behind the wheel drunk again. His probation was revoked and he served out seven years.

Then about a year ago, he was released. Phillips said, "It had been my family's hope that he had learned his lesson."

Last December, Redmon was pulled over for DUI again. Ironically, it happened right in front of the Circle K in Shepherdsville where Phillips worked.

"At that particular moment the only thing I could think was how sad that is," she said.

Even though Redmon has a deadly history of DUI, his recent case will appear on paper as his first DUI. Phillips said of Kentucky DUI law, "Even if you've been convicted for killing someone while drunk driving, if you go five years, you get to start all over."

She said of Redmon, "The only reason that he hasn't had a DUI in five years, is because you can't drink and drive in prison!"

A pretrial hearing Redmon is scheduled to take place on June 2.

File was taken to the Shelby County Detention Center after his latest arrest, but Jefferson County Prosecutors have a warrant out for his arrest and said they have every intention of requesting his shock probation be revoked.

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