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28 cameras along waterfront now operational ahead of Thunder Over Louisville

Two of the new security cameras that have been installed at Waterfront Park. Two of the new security cameras that have been installed at Waterfront Park.

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Louisville Metro police officers on Friday showed off more than two dozen cameras recently installed along the waterfront and promised that they would make Thunder Over Louisville a safer event.

The surveillance system which includes a network of 28 cameras, will be monitored around the clock, Metro Police Chief Steve Conrad said.

"This will allow us to see things and respond to things before they become big problems," Conrad said at a news conference Friday. ""We didn't have any of this 17 days ago."

The installation of the cameras comes nearly three weeks after a mob of teenagers terrorized downtown and led to an outcry for more security near the waterfront. Metro government spent $227,000 to have the cameras installed.

MetroSafe will monitor the video during Thunder Over Louisville, dispatching officers as problems arise.

More than 1,150 law enforcement officers will be patrolling downtown for Thunder Over Louisville, Conrad said.

After the event, corrections officers will begin watching the cameras from two low-volume control posts inside Metro Corrections. If an incident occurs, MetroSafe can patch corrections through to Metro Police, said Mark Bolton, the Corrections Department director.

Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer pledged to provide Metro Police with enough money so officers can monitor the cameras during the fiscal year that starts July 1.

"We will be putting some more money in (the budget) for more intelligence capabilities for the police department, and the reviewing of the cameras will fall under that responsibility," Fischer said.

Most of the waterfront cameras have nearly 360-degree views and leave only a few blind spots throughout the 85-acre park, Det. Brandon Lincoln said.

The camera positions stretch from the Belle of Louisville wharf to the west to Tumbleweed restaurant to the east. There are 10 cameras on the Big Four Bridge and five on the Great Lawn. All will transmit video using existing fiber lines.

Metro Police also have about 40 other cameras scattered throughout Louisville that transmit video in various ways. Conrad said he planned to bring those cameras into the same monitoring system.

For the second time this week, Fischer urged conceal carry permit holders not to bring guns to the event.

"You have the right but it's probably not a good idea," Fischer said. "Just know that public safety is in place. You can't live your life in fear, obviously. So, come down and check it out if you'd like to."

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