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What to leave at home for Thunder

A sign at the entrance gate to the Great Lawn restricts concealed weapons. A sign at the entrance gate to the Great Lawn restricts concealed weapons.

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - As with any event officials have put together a list of do's and don'ts for Thunder Over Louisville. At the top of the list of things officials hope people will leave at home, guns.

"I don't think it's a good idea. Obviously, they have a right to do that," Mayor Greg Fischer said.

A sign at the entrance gate to the Great Lawn restricts concealed weapons, but it won't be enforced for those who are legally able to have them. Louisville Metro police said they weren't the ones who placed it there. Thunder Over Louisville organizers said they didn't either, but they hope people will comply.

"You can leave at home your fear and insecurity because it's a safe event," Kentucky Derby Festival Spokesperson Amiee Boyd said.

People are subject to search the rules state. There will be 12 hundred officers on patrol. Another 2,000 volunteers will be looking for what's permitted and what's not and are ready to ask people to get rid of banned items.

The list of banned items includes canopies, tents or umbrellas during the show. Anything that may block someone's view not allowed and you are not permitted to hold big spots either.

"People will come down to the Waterfront and tape off a big area, you will not be allowed to do that," Boyd said.

If all the planes and sun get you hungry, coolers are cool.

Coolers will only be turned away in the Thunder Chow Wagon, or if they contain alcoholic beverages. You can also leave the charcoal at home since no grilling is allowed.

"We are going to bring our own food. We are going to have a cooler, BBQ, sitting down like we are in the backyard, you know," Ray, a Louisville resident, said.

As for those picnic blankets make sure they're no bigger than 10''x10''.

Organizers also recommend people to bring a roll of toilet paper. They say while the fun at Thunder lasts all day, the toilet paper does not.

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