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Officials urge use of safe boating habits for Thunder

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - The Ohio River closed at 11 a.m. Friday so pilots could practice for the Thunder Over Louisville air show. It will close again at noon Saturday for the air show and the fireworks later in the evening.

The warmer temperatures mark the beginning of boating season. A lot of boaters get excited to be out on the water, but the U.S. Coast Guard says there are three major things you need to do before and while on the water.

  • Wear your life jacket.  
  • Check your safety equipment before you leave.
  • Check the engine of your boat and its anchoring system.

Coast Guard officials also recommend staying alert and remembering that alcohol and boating don't mix.  

The Coast Guard is working with law enforcement on both sides of the river to keep everyone safe on the water.  

"We'll be there to rescue and assist in case your anchor does come loose, your engine does fail," said Lt. Geoff Albe, U.S. Coast Guard. "Just maintain good communications. You can call on a cell phone or use [marine radio] channel 16."

The Coast Guard and area law enforcement officers will be out on the Ohio before, during and after Thunder. Once the show is over they also will be organizing the outward traffic flow on the river.

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