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WAVE 3 News plans Thunder coverage like never before

Michael Lattin Michael Lattin

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - At WAVE 3 News, we've been planning for Thunder for four months!  The plan includes camera angles you've never seen, areas we've never been to, and this year all of you at home will have a larger role in our coverage than ever before.

While the air acts fly through their final practice, a flurry of last-minute activity is happening on the ground as well for a show of a different kind - the one you'll see all day Saturday on WAVE 3 News.

"All the way from the Galt House down to 8th Street, everything is cabled into one central area," said WAVE 3 News Thunder producer Michael Lattin.

Lattin says that means miles of cable, even across the 2nd Street bridge, hooked in to some 25 cameras to bring you Thunder in a whole new way.

"We've tried to put a camera in about every position that you could possibly watch Thunder from, both sides of the river, up in the air, in planes, helicopters and here in the Interactive Zone," Lattin said.

The WAVE 3 News Interactive Zone is new for us. All day, we'll be watching your Tweets and Instagram and Facebook posts, making you a part of our coverage.

"There are so many places to watch Thunder from that we can't get all of our cameras to so we're going to use the public to help us out," said Lattin. "We want to really connect with the people of Louisville and let them show us their Thunder through their eyes."

Chris McGill and Air 3 will be hard at work, helping you find the best way around any traffic troubles.

Also new this year, the WAVE 3 Thunder Weather Zone.

"Weather and thunder go hand in hand so we're holding nothing back," Lattin explained. "We're bringing the entire WAVE 3 Storm Tracking Team to the shore of Indiana to keep an eye on it as far as wind speed, humidity, how that's going to affect the fireworks, how it's going to affect the air show and most of all, how it's going to affect the people coming down to watch it."

If you're watching from home, you're going to get a view very few will ever see.

"We're going to have cameras up in a lot of the aircraft you'll see," said Lattin. "A lot of these civilian air acts, demo teams, we'll have cameras on their wingtips, cameras in their cockpits.

All of it is only possible thanks to our behind the scenes crew, many of whom will come in hours before sunrise and stay well after the last Thunder firework lights up the sky.

"Everything has got to go by the next day," said Lattin. "The work doesn't stop when we get off the air, that's for sure."

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