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East End Bridge impacts GCCS bus routes in Utica, IN

Transportation Director Gary Green Transportation Director Gary Green
Corey Hughes Corey Hughes

UTICA, IN (WAVE) - The school year maybe winding down but changes are in store for some students who ride Greater Clark County School buses.

"Utica-Sellersburg Road is kind of a thoroughfare. A lot of buses run up and down there," said Greater Clark County Schools Transportation Director Gary Green. "It's being closed because of the bridgework."

Green said thanks to East End Bridge Crossing construction, two roads commonly traveled by the district's buses will be off limits starting May 15.

"We're having to reroute [and] go on Middle Road but also in that neighborhood, Brookhollow subdivision," began Green, "it's being divided."

Due to the division, Green said some bus routes and times will change.

"It's going to be closed for 18 months," said Green. "So the bus that picks up in the front of Brookhollow, instead of going out and around and going many miles out of the way to get the back half, we're looking at adding another bus over there."

"In total, we're looking at about ten routes that are going to change," said Green. "We always have logistics to work out. This is just kind of what we have to do."

While the bridge work may be a short-term pain for Greater Clark County Schools transportation, Corey Hughes of Hughes Development could see the possibility for long-term gains. The Hughes Development business development director believed a completed East End Crossing could bridge the gap between a needed economic boost for the area and a welcomed uptick in the housing market.

"It'll just kind of open up the opportunity for the area," said Hughes. "I would like to see a lot more retail, some grocery stores. I'd like to see a lot more housing and development, but most of all, I'd really like to see this River Ridge Commerce Center really take off, get some businesses, some economic development, bring some jobs to the area."

Despite much work still needing to be done on the East End Crossing Bridge, Hughes anxiously awaited the prospects of future development. Meanwhile, Green advocated patience, urging Greater Clark County Schools parents take note of pending school transportation changes.

"With the Brookhollow Road," began Green, "it's going to impact the route all next year."

Greater Clark County School leaders will discuss specific changes to bus routes and times during a public meeting at Utica Elementary beginning at 7 p.m. Monday, April 14.

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