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Family reunited with stolen pet husky

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LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - "Grateful," Kurtis Wolfe told WAVE 3 News. A blessing from God that we got her back."

A husky puppy is back in the loving hands of its owners after being stolen from inside its home near Churchill Downs the night of Thunder.

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"I had hope all along that we were going to find her," Sasha's owner, Kristie Bock said.

Sasha's bond with 5-year-old James was deep. The dog helps him cope with a mild form of autism.

"Are you happy Sasha's home?" Kristie asked James as he nodded. "Did you miss her?"

After our story, tips came pouring in.

"Her phone was just ding, ding, ding, ding with messages," Wolfe said.

The Kentuckiana Lost & Found Pet Network jumped in with the lead after being contacted about the dog. They provided the family with the information. Estel Camera's sister had found it wandering around and brought it over.

"I fell in love with her because I've always loved huskies and I've always wanted a husky," Camara said.

Camera's mom saw Sasha in our story, and they handed her over.

"It was a happy feeling to reunite them," Camara recalled.

Camera refused to take the reward.

"They've already went through a lot, they had their house broken into, and I didn't want to take anything from them," she said.  "Them having their dog back was more than any money can give."

The family is forever grateful.

"Maybe one of you found Sasha, and I'm happy, happy, happy," 8-year-old Joseph Bock said.

Nothing but smiles with the only thing blue left are Sasha's crystal clear eyes.

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