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Protecting your plants from an April freeze

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Jeremy Gruebbel Jeremy Gruebbel

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - A freeze warning has been issued for Tuesday night across WAVE Country. If you've already been out in your garden planting for the spring, that's bad news.

Any annuals in the ground right now need to be protected from the freezing temperatures.

"If you've already planted early vegetables, cold crops - those will be ok, they can tolerate the cold temps," said Jeremy Gruebbel of Frank Otte Nursery. "If you jumped the gun and planted annuals you need to plan on covering them, if not bring them inside."

According to Gruebbel, the following plants and flowers should be covered – azaleas, annuals (pansies not included) and tomato plants. Japanese maple trees are particularly susceptible to frost damage and should be covered.

You should always cover blooming plants with cloth, never plastic. It can freeze on the plants and cause damage. Clothes pins will work to secure the cloth.

Covering the plants with cardboard boxes works too. Remember to secure the boxes so that they don't blow away. You can use ground staples to secure the box.

If you have small plants, glass jars will work for them.

Remember that frost occurs at 36 degrees.

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