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'Polar vortex' to blame for coming allergy armageddon


"Bittersweet" is how some allergy sufferers describe this time of year. Though spring has just arrived, some people are already miserable.

"Watery eyes, scratchy throat... definitely the nose, I can't breathe." Those are just a few of the symptoms Alvin Butler describes. He says he's suffered from allergies for years.

Remember the "polar vortex" this winter? Some experts say it could be to blame for what is being called the "pollen vortex" that could make this allergy season the worst in years.

"The trees growing now, the grass is starting to grow now, so instead of kind of a separation, you're getting more of a confluence of everything coming out at once," explains Dr. Scott Greenfield.

His best advice is to start allergy medication now even before symptoms arrive.

"Any of the allergy medicines over the counter typically take about two weeks to get in your system well, where they're gonna be effective." says Dr. Greenfield.

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