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Social media plea leads to priceless gift for autistic teen

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Aimee riding her new tricycle Aimee riding her new tricycle
Kim Gonzalez Kim Gonzalez
Gonzalez created a facebook page as part of raffle for special kids for special bikes. Gonzalez created a facebook page as part of raffle for special kids for special bikes.
Greg Scheller Greg Scheller

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - There was a feeling of excitement in the room at Scheller's Fitness and Cycling on Preston Highway as we waited for our guest of honor to arrive. Soon Kim Gonzalez and her daughter Aimee, who was celebrating her 15th birthday, slowly came into the store not knowing what to expect. They had been invited, but no explanation was given.

As Aimee and her mother walked closer to the group, made up of WAVE 3 News Anchor Dawne Gee, an entourage from Kosair Charities and the experts of Scheller's Fitness and Cycling, Greg Scheller welcomed them with a special adaptive tricycle.

It was a very special tricycle to celebrate a very special day for a very extra-ordinary young lady.

Scheller said, "It's got a disk break in the front. It's got a coaster break so you can put your breaks on with your feet. It's got a basket so you can stick your stuff in. It's kind of cool."

It was a very cool trike, but the best part of all was that Aimee was now its new owner. WAVE 3 News learned about Aimee's birthday and her need and desire for the bike from a post on the WAVE 3 News facebook page. 

"We posted several times on your facebook page for the raffle. It broke my heart when she I knew she didn't get it because I knew she needs it," Gonzales said.

The bicycle was something Aimee's mother worked so hard for but couldn't get. Gonzalez even created a facebook page as part of raffle for Special Kids for Special Bikes.

"This is more than a bike. This is freedom for her. For her this is liberty,"she said softly with tears in her eyes. 

Gonzalez knew her daughter needed the tricycle and we knew who to call – Kosair Charities. Then Kosair Charities called Greg Scheller of Scheller's Fitness and Cycling. Scheller called us all back and told us to call Kim and Aimee for the presentation.

"Every kid should be on a bicycle really I think," Scheller said.

Every child should have a chance to be a kid and a chance at a normal life.

With tears flowing Gonzalez said, "Aimee has MR. She has autism. She's had a brain tumor and the surgeries to go with it. She had the hydrocephalus on the brain. She just had hip surgery and the femur and tibia surgery and all that at once and I was picking her up and carrying her everywhere."

Aimee has fought more battles in 15 years than most people fight in a lifetime but she has a one man Army behind her in the form of a determined mother.

"Doing it when most people told me I'd never be able to do it," Gonzalez stressed with determination.

Aimee never spoke, but the entire time you could hear her laughing as she rode her bike through the store. As we talked, she never stopped peddling.

"This is what I wanted for her more than anything," Gonzales said with a smile as big as Aimee's. "Just seeing her smile makes me smile."

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