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Racist messages pop up inside plastic Easter eggs

LEXINGTON, KY (WAVE) – Several plastic Easter eggs were found in downtown Lexington with a disturbing note inside on Easter Sunday.

According to WLEX-18, about five eggs were found on tables outside the Lexington Center on Vine Street. Inside the eggs, a note that read "diversity equals white genocide."

Similar eggs popped up in California and a Virginia neighborhood the same day. The messages were inside the eggs along with a typed link to a Facebook page promoting racist beliefs.

WLEX said the man who found the eggs didn't want to be identified, but said, ""It was pretty surprising. I expected it to be a bible verse because of Easter; it was pretty random, never heard of anything like that around here."

Lexington Police said no other reports of the racist eggs have been filed. They told WLEX that is wouldn't be a criminal matter, because it involves free speech.

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