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Little information from police leaves neighbors near double homicide on edge

Kathy and Samantha Netherland Kathy and Samantha Netherland
Robert Crowe Robert Crowe
Eddie Osborne Eddie Osborne

NELSON COUNTY, KY (WAVE) – Two days after a mother and daughter were found dead in their Nelson County home there is still no word on who might be responsible for their deaths.

Kentucky State Police announced on Wednesday they are investigating this case as a double homicide.

The thought that a killer is on the loose is very unsettling for people living in the area. Neighbors said they are just hoping for some answers to put their nerves at ease.

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Crime scene tape no longer surrounds the home where a local school teacher and her 16-year-old daughter were found dead Tuesday morning.

"I'm was just in shock, didn't know what to think," said Robert Crowe, who lives nearby.

Accepting what happened is one thing for neighbors along Springfield Road, but knowing there are no arrests or suspects in this case is another.

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"You're afraid to leave, you're afraid to stay home, you don't really know what to do," said neighbor Eddie Osborne.

Those who knew Kathy and Samantha Netherland only had positive things to say and can't imagine why they would be targeted.

Kentucky State Police have remained very tight lipped about the details in this case. They are not releasing the cause of death or if they have a suspect description or vehicle.

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"Hearsay is all anybody around here's got," said Osborne.                                                

"You've heard so many stories, you just want to know what information they've got and hope they can catch them pretty quick really," Crowe.

Investigators have asked all businesses and homeowners along Springfield Road (KY 150) in Nelson County to share video surveillance.

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Places like Bardstown Wine and Spirits turned over what their cameras captured. Neighbors say they just want to know if they should have reason to fear.

"I don't know why they won't tell us if it is a family situation, or a robbery, or a random thing, everybody around here is pretty much on edge over that, nobody knows what to do," said Osborne.

This has prompted many to take extra security measures.

"I'm just making sure everything is locked up and just watching everything to see if there is anything strange, keep an eye out is about all you can do I think," said Osborne.

If you have any information about this case call Kentucky State Police at (270) 766-5078.

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