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Valley medium shares clues surrounding missing Isabel Celis

Allison DuBois Allison DuBois
The fate of 6-year-old Isabel Celis remains a mystery two years after she vanished from her Tucson home.
Despite neighborhood campaigns and thousands of leads, there is still no sign of the little girl. But hope could be on the horizon. 

"When I go into a case like Isabel's it's as if she's mine and it's very personal," said well-known Valley medium Allison DuBois. She said she visited the Celis home just weeks after the parents woke up to find their daughter missing.

"I'm not sitting in a pretty seat here, no matter what I say, it's usually not good news," said DuBois, who has assisted Phoenix and U.S. law enforcement in solving crimes.

DuBois, who was the focus of the television series Medium, said she gave the family a detailed profile of the person she feels knows more than they're letting on, who she describes as an extended relative or family friend.

"I'm really good at profiling and getting into the energy of who committed the crime, why it was committed, if it was family, if it was somebody that had been in the house before," DuBois said.

Police earlier this year canvassed the neighborhood again, asking neighbors to relive those moments surrounding Isabel's disappearance. 

"I never got her leaving Tucson, I'll say that," DuBois said. "I never got her leaving Tucson, so I believe she's still there."

She hopes people in Tucson stay on top of clues as time passes and lips loosen. 

"People need to be reminded of those opportunities to get information," DuBois said. 

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