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Coffee shops, bars adjust following Highlands boil water advisory

Greg Hofer Greg Hofer
Mara Brown Mara Brown

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - A boil water advisory issued following the April 24 water main break near Eastern Parkway and Baxter Avenue has been lifted, but not before disrupting the day-to-day flow of business for many in the Highlands area.

From coffee to iced tea, the menu at Highland Coffee proved to be filled with more challenges than beverage options for most of the day Friday.

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"Coffee," began Greg Hofer, owner of Highland Coffee, "a majority of it is water and if we don't have water we can't make coffee."

Hofer said the water main break not only limited what his shop could serve but what they could serve it on.

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"That goes along with washing the dishes," said Hofer.

To get by, he reached out to others for help.

"We had some friends, Argo Sons Coffee, they've been kind enough to lend us their brewers," said Hofer. "We went out and brewed our Farmer's Market containers, so that really helped us out to at least get through a little part of this crunch to get people their coffee."

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It's just one of many problem solving steps businesses along the Bardstown corridor took to keep closed signs from greeting their customers.

"It definitely put a little hiccup in everything," said Mara Brown, assistant manager at El Camino.

Brown said adjustments had been made at El Camino to not only ensure customers satisfaction but safety, as well.

"We just bought a bunch of bottled water," said Brown. "We ordered ice so we're using bags of ice."

While the crew dished up service Friday, Brown said that had not been the case for a period of time Thursday following the initial water main break.

"We shut down business for a little bit until the health inspector came by and made sure we followed all the guidelines to get it up and running," said Brown.

For businesses heavily reliant on water, like Highland Coffee, business had yet to return to normal leaving Hofer little choice but to take things day by day.

"This is a Friday, we're usually packed and, yeah, we're not packed," said Hofer. "Hopefully they'll get everything fixed and diverted and we'll be able to open."

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