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84-year-old confesses to fatal hit-and-run in Kenner

KENNER, LA (WVUE) - An 84-year-old man is behind bars after a fatal hit and run Saturday night.

Richard Gallois was driving on Williams Boulevard when he struck and killed 60-year-old Jacoba Velasquez Gomez as he crossed the road at 38th Street according to police. Gomez was thrown onto the hood of Gallois' car and into the windshield before. Police say Gallois briefly stopped before leaving the scene then doing a U-turn to pass the scene again.

Gomez was pronounced dead on the scene.

 Police said that particular intersection does not have an established cross walk or any traffic control device.

Gallois left the area and later called police with his attorney to report his involvement with the crash according to police.

Gallois is charged with felony hit and run involving a fatality and remains in custody. No bond has been set.

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