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Jeffersonville cameras said to be cheaper, smarter than Louisville's

Chris Gilbert Chris Gilbert
Lynn Rhodea Lynn Rhodea

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Jeffersonville administrators plan to install $90,000 worth of smart cameras near the Big Four Bridge, and a project manager said they wouldn't require the same round-the-clock monitoring as security cameras in Louisville's Waterfront Park.

The plan would be significantly cheaper than the estimated $227,000 that Louisville Metro spent on cameras after the March 22 mob violence. Jeffersonville will have fewer cameras, but some will capture video from multiple angles.

The cameras will shoot lower-resolution video because they won't have to zoom as far as Louisville's cameras. The biggest difference is that they will be able to analyze potential threats, said the president of Security Pros Chris Gilbert, the Jeffersonville-based firm that will install the cameras.

"If a car, boat or person violates a zone we create -- like an electronic fence," Gilbert said, "it triggers an alert, where we can alert the police department so they can respond accordingly."

Gilbert said he and Jeffersonville officials will start planning where to put the cameras Wednesday. They will be located both on the Indiana ramp to the Big Four Bridge or in the park surrounding the unfinished ramp.

The Indiana Department of Transportation hasn't set an opening date for the ramp, which still needs special curved lights for safety. The surrounding park was a soggy mess after Tuesday's rains, and it remains a dirt construction site.

Lynn Rhodea, who owns the Pearl Street Treats frozen yogurt shop near the base of the ramp, said she welcomed the cameras.

"It makes people feel safer and more comfortable," she said. "It makes people feel like they can relax and enjoy themselves, which is what we want."

But Rhodea said the biggest benefit would be having the bridge open after a year's worth of delays.

"It frustrates me and it excites me at the same time," said Rhodea, who opened because of the bridge. "There have been some disappointments and some setbacks but, overall, I'm happy with our location and I'm happy with our shop."

Louisville installed its waterfront cameras earlier this month, spurred by the group of teenagers who terrorized downtown in March.

The cameras can rotate nearly 360 degrees unlike the Jeffersonville cameras. Corrections officers at the jail are constantly watching Louisville's cameras, and the police chief has said he hopes Metro Police will take over that duty later this year.

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