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Eco-friendly taxi service hopes to come to Louisville

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LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - There could soon be a new ride in town. A company is trying to make its way to Louisville to help you get to where you need to be. Taxi 7 is an eco-friendly taxi service that wants to bring 100 vehicles to Louisville.

"It will put Louisville's taxi service at the same level other metropolitan cities across America enjoy today," said Michael Solomon, president of Taxi 7.

The cars are the color green because they are green in technology. The Ford C-Max would make it Kentucky's first hybrid taxi service.

"Typical driver will save $1,000 on fuel," said Solomon.

Ten Toyota Siena vans will be used to transport people with disabilities. With the taxis, safety is a big concern.

"With all Taxi 7 vehicles are deployed with onboard security cameras that record both activity inside the taxi cab and in front of a taxi cab," said Solomon.

When it comes time to pay up, it's easy to do in the back seat with a swipe of your credit card. Because there is an app for everything there is one of course for Taxi 7. With their app you can order a cab and follow its progress. Customers can also use the web, text, or call to book a cab.

These taxis aren't on the streets of Louisville just yet. The company is still in the process of filing its application with the state for approval to operate.

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