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Residents with disabilities hampered by building's broken elevator


Residents at a north Nashville apartment complex contacted Channel 4 News saying they're trapped in their own apartments.

The elevator in their building at Granstaff Apartments has been broken for more than a month, and managers say it will probably be two more months before it's fixed.

Many of the people in the building are elderly or disabled and living on government assistance. They called us for help, saying they feel like hostages in their own homes.

"They told us they would come, and they were going to fix it no matter what. It will be six weeks this Tuesday, nothing. I called them Monday or Tuesday of this week. They said we're getting ready to start work this week. Today's Friday, nobody's here," said resident Barbara Fitzpatrick.

Managers of the complex have placed chairs on the landing to give residents a place to sit and rest between flights of stairs.

The management also sent a letter to tenants Friday, saying, due to some structural problems, it will be another six to eight weeks before anything can be done.

Because the residents receive federal funding, you might think there's something that could be done to help them, but there's not.

Metro Codes says they have no jurisdiction over cases like this.

The Americans with Disabilities Act only applies to the workplace, not residential housing.

The Metro Housing Development Agency has contacted the property manager, telling them to get the elevator fixed.

The deadline was supposed to be Friday, but there's not much they can do to force the issue.

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