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Hall of Fame trainer gets little respect from 9-year-old son

Bob Baffert Bob Baffert
Bode Bode

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - He's a Hall of Fame trainer with three wins at the Kentucky Derby, but Bob Baffert gets little respect from his 9-year old son Bode.

"Be honest, what do you do at training?" Bode asked Bob. 

"I just talk to people and watch the horses go by," Bob responds laughing.

"You know I think I really do more than you," Bode said.

Bode believes doing math in school is harder than training horses on the track.

He just went with his dad to work the other day.

"After about a half an hour, ‘Well dad, when are we going to start training?'  I have been training.  No, all you've been doing is talking to people, talking on the phone.  When are you going to start timing horses?" Bob chuckles.

Bode's never been in the winners circle for the Kentucky Derby.

Bob's last Derby win was before Bode was born - 2002 with War Emblem.

His first came in 1997 with Silver Charm about the time he met his wife Jill, who was a television anchor in Louisville.

He followed it up with a 1998 win with Real Quiet.

Suddenly, Bob Baffert was the "it" guy.  Jill says over the years, he's changed.

"There's really no handbook to how to deal with attention and press so I think he's mellowed a lot," Jill said. "More accepting of the good and the bad."

"One thing good about Jill…you see horses, we have a shank, lip chain. It's like she has a lip chain on me. Hey, better ease up. Getting little ahead of yourself there," Bob says.

Jill has developed a passion for horseracing and now knows a lot about race horses. Sometimes a little too much, Bob jokes. She and Bode usually travel with Bob to the big races.

Two years ago that move saved his life.  In Dubai for the world cup Bob complained of indigestion. Jill quickly determined after researching his symptoms on-line her husband was having a heart attack.

Bob said goodbye to Bode at the hotel.

"When I went to the hospital, I wasn't sure if I was going to see him again. Play it low," Bob said.

"I came back to the room, saw his stuff, his radio, watch, and Bode.  We almost lost it all today," Jill said while tears filled her eyes.

At 61-years old Bob now eats better and exercises, and works harder than ever.

"I'm like a duck in a pond.  Might look calm and relaxed. But underneath my feet are going one hundred miles an hour," Bob says.

He's the head of a big organization, always looking for horses to buy and training future stars.

As for this Kentucky Derby, Bode says Chitu is a good horse.

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