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Derby gala helps to stop cycle of crime

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - The lives of 30 children have been embraced by Operation Open Arms, an organization that places children whose mothers are behind bars in loving homes.

"We are trying to break the cycle so that the children won't repeat the problems that their parents had and it's been very, very successful," board member Irving Bailey said.

The program was founded 13 years ago. Some of the children who were part of the pilot family are now adults. We spoke to a parent who is proud of being able to show them a path to success.

"It is possible to have higher goals, bigger goals, broader goals, broader sense of a community," Sharon Neville said. She is now also the  Operation's Development Director.

Derby night was a fundraising gala towards the program's future. Operation's yearly cost is about a quarter million dollars a year, receiving no money from the state.

The red-carpet event called for those willing to help, from beauty queens like Ms. University of Louisville, to those with a political punch, like Senator Rand Paul.

"You see these cute little kids and you can see that somebody cares and somebody is trying to help them," Paul said.

"They are totally innocent and these are people that are giving them a chance," his wife, Kelley continued.

The ticket to the event cost $250 with a performance by Lucie Arnaz to ensure its supporters had a ball.

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