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Police: Man wanted for cutting of monitoring device, rape

Eddie Stokley Eddie Stokley
Police are looking for a man wanted for cutting off his electronic monitoring device and rape charges.
Eddie Stokley, 28, was ordered to wear an electronic monitoring device as a condition of his pre-trial release according to officers with the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department.
Police said he cut off his device on Saturday and his last known location was 1400 Bethel Road.

A woman who lives at that location tells WBTV Stokley came to her house Saturday night looking for someone who didn't live there anymore. She says he then ran into her backyard and threw his ankle bracelet in the bushes. 

Stokley's father tells us he hopes police find his son. 

"I'd rather him be off the street, then to find him dead somewhere," the man said. 

He says he took in his son after he was released on bond on April 8th, and that he was just beginning to trust him again. 

"As soon as I let my guard down, boom, he hit me again," the man said. 

He tells us he got the call and hoped it was a mistake. Instead, he came home to a ransacked house. Stokley was nowhere to be found. 

"We realized the TV's had been taken, some jewelry and a big thing of change, which was about 500 dollars in change," the man said. 

His father says he has no idea where his son may be, but if he'd like him to know one thing. 

"You messed up, turn yourself in and get your life back on track, because the longer you run, the worse it's going to be for you," the man said. 

Stokley's father says his son spent 27 months in jail before he was released on bond. He's facing three serious sex crime charges for a case his father says happened several years ago. 

Anyone with information on the whereabouts of Eddie Stokley should immediately contact 911.
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