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Chesterfield mother refuses to give up search for daughter's killer


A mother from Chesterfield is refusing to give up the search for her daughter's killer.

Police are still tracking down leads for the person who ran over and killed Nikki West, a 19-year-old mother. Chesterfield police have been following new tips, some coming in as recently as last week.

Meantime, Nikki's family continues to battle the pain of her loss. They're also pushing for change, so that a hit and run won't happen again on their own road.

"She was two-years-old here," said Brenda West, Nikki's mother, while holding up a picture of her daughter as a mere toddler. Nikki's own son, Lucus, is nearly two-years-old himself. He has a striking resemblance to his mother at that age.

A year ago this month, just before Mother's Day, Nikki was hit and killed by a car as she walked along Turner Road, just blocks from her home. The driver sped away.

Investigators say they haven't been able to pin down any suspects, despite tracking down numerous leads.

"It's been almost a year, and there have been no results. Nobody's been convicted," continued Brenda. "No closure."

Brenda says Lucas feels the heart wrenching loss of his mother.

"He doesn't sleep through the night. He still wakes up," described Brenda.

Meantime, Nikki's family is pleading for a sidewalk on what they call a dangerous road with hardly any shoulder.

"We see a lot of kids all the time almost being run over [on Turner Road]," noted Brenda.

The family lives right next to Chalkley Elementary School. A sidewalk runs a few blocks in front of the school and ends right before the West's home. The family has offered to donate their land so a walkway can be installed.

"Take what you need, build a sidewalk, so that these kids won't be out here," added Brenda.

Nikki's life was taken just days before what would have been her first Mother's Day with her baby boy.

"That was taken away from her," said Brenda, with tears in her eyes.

Next weekend on Mother's Day, Nikki's family has invited loved ones and friends to take part in a balloon release in Nikki's honor at their home.

If you know anything about the hit and run that took Nikki West's life, call Crime Solvers at 804-748-0660.

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