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High-profile burglary suspect caught on surveillance video before break-in

This image was taken from a neighbor's surveillance camera. (Source: Ken Caron) This image was taken from a neighbor's surveillance camera. (Source: Ken Caron)
Marshall Coulter, 15 (Source: Marigny Resident) Marshall Coulter, 15 (Source: Marigny Resident)

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - Surveillance video taken by a Marigny homeowner shows who he believes is Marshall Coulter trying to break into his house. The attempted break-in allegedly happened just minutes before Coulter was arrested on Royal Street for using a key to get into someone's house there.

Ken Caron returned to his home on Burgundy Street Friday afternoon to discover a cell phone sitting on his front porch. "I have cameras all around my house. I decided to look at the video cameras to find out whose phone it was," explained Caron.

After watching the person in the video try the front door, look in the mailbox, and even pull the leaves off his tree, Caron says he began to recognize the face in the footage. "I'd seen the news reports and I put two and two together and I saw some of the pictures on FOX and I said oh my God that's Marshall Coulter," said Caron.

The homeowner called Eighth District detectives, and he says they confirmed his suspicions. "They told me it was the same kid," Caron explained.

The attempted break-in on Burgundy happened just minutes before Coulter was arrested on Royal Street. A homeowner there found the teen wandering around his backyard after Coulter used a key left in the mailbox, to get in.

Residents in Ken Caron's neighborhood expressed shock that the person in the video appears to be the same one who was shot last year by Marigny homeowner Merritt Landry. "I was really surprised that after being shot in the head, that's he's back out doing, up to shenanigans," said resident Lance Fields.

Friday, police also booked Coulter with a 2012 aggravated burglary in which he allegedly broke into a home on Frenchmen and stole the victim's gun. Despite the mounting charges against him, Coulter may not see that much jail time. FOX 8 legal analyst Joseph Raspanti explains, "Because he's a juvenile, he shouldn't be expecting to do an extended period of time in jail. It's just the nature of our juvenile system."

It's a system that Marshall Coulter will have a lot of interaction with, now that he's facing multiple charges from multiple years.

We asked the NOPD if the person in Ken Caron's video is indeed Marshall Coulter but a spokesperson says the department can't release any more information on the investigation.

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