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GOP candidate calls on NAACP to end boycott of SC

Dr. Gary Burgess Dr. Gary Burgess

The Sons of the Confederate Veterans has been marking Confederate Memorial Day outside the Statehouse every year since 1886.

Marion Hutson and the others are here to honor heritage standing below the Confederate Battle Flag that still flies on the Capitol's grounds.

But just yards away, beside the African American History Monument, the rebel flag is also on Dr. Gary Burgess' mind.

But his message isn't one you might imagine.

"I'm calling on the honorable Dr. Lonnie Randolph, Jr., president of the South Carolina conference of the NAACP, to end this boycott immediately," Burgess said.

The NAACP announced an economic boycott of the Palmetto State in 1999 when the flag flew over the Statehouse dome.

But even after the flag was moved to the nearby Confederate monument and this African-American monument was built, the boycott continues to this day.

And Dr. Burgess, an African-American Republican candidate for State Superintendent said it's being felt in the schools.

"We know that black males are not doing that well in the school system, and it's not because of our teachers, it's not because of the kids, the system is broken, and we have to change the system"

Dr. Burgess said at a recent conference in D-C he asked the NAACP for help but because of the boycott they refused.

WIS asked but Dr. Burgess doesn't exactly know what the NAACP does for schools in other states and he insists the organization is part of the solution.

"When the National Assistant General Counsel of the NAACP tells me that they cannot come to South Carolina to help with the education of black males because there is a boycott, then that hurts," Burgess said.

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