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Two drug raids turn up drugs, cash, and dozens of dogs


Nine suspects face plenty of trouble after two drug raids in Sumter County turned up a stockpile of drugs, cash, and dozens of dogs that could be part of a dog-fighting ring.

Inside a home on Hines Road, deputies say they found vacuum sealed bags, Pyrex dishes, scales, baking soda, pipes -- an assortment of items they believe are used to manufacture drugs.

"We've had seizes like this before, but this one was a pretty large one," said Maj. Allen Daily with the Sumter County Sheriff's Office.

After months in the making, around 6 o'clock Saturday morning, deputies rounded up nine suspects who are all facing drug violations and weapons charges. As of Monday afternoon, four of them are still in jail.

"We tried different tactics and then the drug dealers find other ways to elude us, but we keep up with technology and things like that," said Dailey. "We try to stay one step ahead and sometimes it's hard."

Deputies also found what they believe to be a dog-fighting ring.

"At both residences we found pit bulls, evidence that they had been fighting dogs," said Dailey. "We seized approximately 33 dogs. Some of them with scratches, bite marks, poor conditions, like malnourished, and we also found a place where they were actually fighting the dogs."

Deputies say this investigation is far from over.

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