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Yellow Dot program helps TN first responders in case of emergency

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When seconds count in a crash, a simple sticker on your car can give first responders important information about you right at the scene.

The Yellow Dot program has been up and running for about four months thanks to the Tennessee Department of Transportation, and officials say participation continues to grow.

"Since Jan. 14, we've given out right at 1,000 packets just in the city of Clarksville," said Clarksville police Officer Kyle Fleming.

That's double their projected goal since the TDOT Yellow Dot program began. The purpose is to provide emergency crews with medical information on anyone in the car in a crash.

"It helps us out above and beyond what we could ever imagine. If they're not able to communicate with us, there is no way we can know what they are allergic to. And we might give them something, or EMS might give them something that actually hurts them more than it helps them," Fleming said.

The yellow sticker in the back window alerts crews to look for a packet inside the glove box that includes emergency contact and doctor information but nothing personal like Social Security numbers.

It also has information on medical conditions, allergies and any prescriptions.

Ardella Neumann has her yellow dot now after about 70 years on the road.

"I read about it in the paper, and I thought about how important it was, especially for senior citizens driving. You never know when something is going to happen like an accident or a medical problem," she said.

TDOT has 50 enrollment sites. Many police departments and senior citizen centers are participating in hopes of reaching as many drivers as possible.

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