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Downtown New Albany restaurant stops selling food

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Sign posted at the New Albanian Brewing Company. Sign posted at the New Albanian Brewing Company.
Gabriella Lozoya Gabriella Lozoya
Roger Baylor Roger Baylor
The New Albanian Brewing Company. The New Albanian Brewing Company.

NEW ALBANY, IN (WAVE) - A place that gained fame for beverages but is well-loved for its food as well is closing its kitchen. The New Albanian Brewing Company on Bank Street stopped serving most food Tuesday to the dismay of longtime customers.

There's a lot that drew Gabriella Lozoya to the New Albanian on a rainy Wednesday.

"I like it here," Lozoya said. "I love the atmosphere. It's always so laid back and easy going and they have good beer."

But the menu item she calls her "sinful sandwich" is no longer one of the draws. 

"The best thing on the menu to me was the Croque Madam and it was just a heart attack on a plate really. It was a delicious sandwich that I've never had anywhere else," Lozoya said.  "They had a lot of good food: tacos, burgers, different things but everything I've ever had on the menu was good."

NABC co-owner Roger Baylor said food just didn't make sense anymore at the Bank Street Brewhouse. 

"I think we still are trying to come up with ways to do food here, just not the way we did it before, which would be the labor intensive, cost intensive thing where you get to the end of the year and you've done a bunch of sales and you find that you've spent more money to make those sales than you have the sales."

Baylor said NABC opened the restaurant on Bank Street as a second location five years ago as part of a restaurant revitalization downtown.

"I believe that we did help start the revitalization, yes. I think we were in on the ground floor of that. That was the purpose. That was what we were trying to do."

Food sales just never really took off so now Baylor says they're looking at other options. 

"There's restaurants right across the street up the way," said Baylor. "Why can't people bring that food here? Why can't we all just work together and have a nice space for the public?"

The New Albanian will stick with what it does well - beer - and Lozoya will be there to enjoy it.

"I'll come for the beer and the atmosphere, definitely," she said.

Changes at the Bank Street Brewhouse will not impact the Pizzeria on Grantline Road at all. The hours at the downtown beer garden will change as well, opening later in the afternoon, when it had been open for lunch.

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