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Police: DUI suspect tried to bribe arresting officer

Josue Velasquez (Source: LMDC) Josue Velasquez (Source: LMDC)

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – Police say that a man arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence offered the arresting officer $200 to let him go.

Josue Velasquez, 24, was involved in a car accident on May 14 on Hurstbourne Parkway, according to court records. The driver of the other car said that Velasquez tried to leave the scene, driving erratically. When police arrived, he could not produce a valid licence, insurance or registration, the report says.

Police said that Velasquez either would not or could not communicate with the officer due to a language barrier.

While in the back of the squad car, Velasquez allegedly offered the officer $200 to let him go. Velasquez repeatedly removed his seat belt and hit his head on the windows while being transported, the report says.

While police were conducting a breathalyzer test, Velasquez hit his head against a concrete wall several times, the report continues. Then, while in a holding cell, he urinated next to another person.

Velasquez is charged with aggravated DUI, driving without a license, failure to maintain insurance and bribery of a public servant.

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