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Indiana begins adopting 911-texting service

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) - Indiana residents with Verizon Wireless service are now able to text 911 dispatchers in nearly a third of the state's counties.

Statewide 911 Board Executive Director Barry Ritter says emergency dispatchers in 28 Indiana counties had been equipped and trained to handle text-to-911 calls as of Wednesday. The goal is to expand the service statewide by year's end.

Verizon Wireless is the first carrier providing the 911-texting service. T-Mobile, Sprint and AT&T also are moving ahead to provide the texting option across Indiana.

Ritter says 911-texting will aid people who are deaf, hearing- or speech-impaired by allowing them to alert dispatchers in the event of emergencies.

He says 911-texting would also help people who are unable to speak due to injuries or are afraid to speak in hostage situations.

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