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Sister of slain father calls killer a 'coward'

Quinton Logan Quinton Logan
Michelle Seabrooks Michelle Seabrooks
Vera Soumare Vera Soumare

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - He was a father of six including a 3-year-old boy.

"Words can't express; he was my ‘Ride or Die'," his older sister, Michelle Seabrooks, said. "When it came to his kids, he did not play. Everything was about his kids, his family."

Seabrooks and her mother, Vera Soumare, are the first to say that 38-year-old Quinton Logan had been an angry young man. A dropout from Doss High School, he'd had run-ins with police that landed him in jail.

But he also had earned his GED.  And he was studying to be a chef.

"My son changed a lot," Soumare said. "You could see it. You would have to have known him to know what I'm saying."

"What do you tell them," Seabrooks asked, as she choked back tears. "I don't even know what to tell my Momma who found him. I don't know what to tell anybody."

Soumare has no idea how long he'd been lying on the back steps when she returned to the home they shared on South 42nd Street about 1:30 Sunday morning, but he already had passed.

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Louisville Metro Police public information officer Alicia Smiley said police are still investigating. "Specifically how many times the victim was shot, whether or not our suspect or suspects was on foot or in a vehicle, those are things we have yet to determine," she said.

Seabrooks believes her brother was carrying cash.

"Whoever did it knew what they was doing," she said.  "And for some reason, they either wanted what they thought my brother had or what they didn't think he had. That's a coward."

"I just hope that they know you reap what you sow," his father, Victor Logan, said.  "And it comes ten-fold. So you'd better be on the lookout. You'd better watch your back."

Police have taken the victim's truck to check for evidence.

"Somebody saw something. Our neighbors know what's going on," Seabrooks said. "They'll make sure the right people now."

She and her mother say they have no choice but to trust that the law will deliver justice and that the Lord will render judgement.

"Yes, I'm hurting. I'm hurting because my baby's gone," Soumare said. "But you know what? I should be rejoicing. Because his work was done on this earth, and God got better for him. Because he's with the Lord, and I believe that with all my heart and all my soul."

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