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Police officer, judge executive candidate laid to rest day before primary

David Howley, 51, passed away on May 14 after a heart attack. David Howley, 51, passed away on May 14 after a heart attack.
Pastor Greg Allen Pastor Greg Allen
Julie Barr Julie Barr

CRESTWOOD, KY (WAVE) – On Monday an Oldham County police officer and judge executive candidate was laid to rest.

David Howley, 51, passed away on May 14 after a heart attack. Because of his on-duty response earlier in the day his death is considered "in the line of duty" and he received full honors at his funeral.

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Law enforcement officers from multiple agencies paid their respects as family and friends said goodbye to man who had a passion for serving others.

On a large campaign sign a yellow balloon read "Always in our hearts."  

"David served as a firefighter as an EMT and also has a police officer," said Southeast Christian Church Oldham County Pastor Greg Allen. "His wife Cheryll said that he loved law enforcement."

Howley not only spent his weekdays protecting the citizens of Oldham County, he spent his weekends at Southeast Christian Church. He was in charge of safety and security at the Oldham County campus.  

Allen couldn't help but smile when talking about him. "He was a cut up, a jokester, he was mischievous, and he was anything, but dull," said Allen.

There is comfort for Allen because he knows his friend is in a better place. Howley's wife and daughter are now learning to cope with another loss. David and Cheryll's son died last year.

"This church family will be there just as he was there for us and took care of us on the weekends, so we will do our best to take care of them during the week as well," said Allen.

On a campaign Facebook page a post encouraged supporters to keep signs up and vote for David as they hoped to carry out his dream.

"It's just very sad and it is just a real hard time for Oldham County in general," said Oldham County Clerk Julie Barr.

Barr said David's name will remain on the ballot.

"Unfortunately Kentucky statute addresses that and says that even if he is on the ballot his votes will not be tabulated or recorded," said Barr.

No matter the results Allen believes it's not the votes that count, but the life Howley chose to live.

"I've never seen David frown and I'm not sure I've seen him serious, not that he doesn't have a serious side, but he just has joy deep within," said Allen.

Howley's burial took place at Louisville Memorial Gardens East. 

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