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West Louisville Walmart big issue for voters as Green beats Scott

A vacant lot at 18th Street and Broadway will soon be the location of a West Louisville Walmart. A vacant lot at 18th Street and Broadway will soon be the location of a West Louisville Walmart.
Jessica Green Jessica Green
Attica Scott Attica Scott
Jeffery Segal Jeffery Segal
Stephanie Whitlow Stephanie Whitlow

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – A new face, but a familiar name, will be moving into the Metro Council District 1 seat.

Jessica Green upset incumbent Attica Scott with 55 percent of the vote.

Green said she was proud to run an aggressive campaign. Scott said she was glad to run a campaign that remained positive. In the end there were several issues that set the two apart and one is not even in district lines.

A vacant lot at 18th Street and Broadway will soon be the location of a West Louisville Walmart. The controversy surrounding the store made its way to the top of the District 1 Metro race.

"From the very beginning I have been very vocal about the need for us to have jobs, conveniences and services here in District 1," said Green.

Green will soon sit in her late mother Judy Green's seat. Judy Green was removed from the council in 2011 because of ethics violations.

Scott was put in her place. The two have disagreed over the super store planned for the old Phillip Morris site.

"For anybody to fight against jobs coming into our distressed area is not something that I understand, it's just the basic difference in values between the two of us," said Green.

Scott was very critical of Walmart concerning its wages and questioned hiring practices. Her supporters agreed.

"I'm not very happy with Walmart, so I supported Attica's position," said Jeffery Segal.

Why fix something not broken is the response from Segal as to why he voted for the incumbent.

"I don't know much about Ms. Green and she may turn out to be perfectly fine, but I vote in favor of candidates who are doing good and I saw no reason to change them at this point," said Segal.

Other voters we talked to welcomed a change.

"I really like the way she carries herself and the things that she stands for," said Stephanie Whitlow.

Continued support for Judy Green remains strong. "People in District 1 remember my mother fondly and her legacy is strong here," said Green.

Scott did not return our call for an interview, but released the following statement congratulating Green and thanking her volunteers:

"Thank you District 1 neighbors for allowing me the opportunity to serve our neighborhoods these past 2 1/2 years. And thank you to all of my volunteers who worked hard on my campaign. We worked together to make a difference and to create a better community for all of our families. I value the rich relationships built along the way and appreciate knowing that 1400 of you, 1400 people who matter just as much as everyone else, want a leader who stands on her own two feet and who is more concerned about justice than re-election.

I care about all of you and that is why I woke up this morning with a clean conscience knowing that we ran an energetic and positive campaign. I will leave office in December knowing that I helped to bring respectability to our office, that I asked tough questions when no one else was asking those questions, and that I engaged folks whose names you may not know, but who matter, nonetheless. I could have played a political game of stroking the right egos or remaining silent in the face of injustice, but that is not me.

I have already had a number of current and former elected officials reach out to me and remind me that we all win and lose elections but that we must always maintain our integrity. I have lost and won and kept moving forward.

I have had the opportunity to make some folks uncomfortable, to inspire others to speak up when it could be easier to remain silent, and to lead in a way that lets folks know that we can have good government that works for the people who have no pulpit or title. I encourage you to consider running for office in the future. It will not be the first or last chapter in your book of life, but it might be one of the best chapters anyone has read.

I will continue to be engaged in our political process -- just as I was before I was elected. I will continue to be critical about the issues that impact our lives every single day and to challenge the status quo -- someone has to be willing to do so without fearing the consequences.

You have been part of the first chapter in my political career -- and the book remains open to the next."

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