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Scott County Sheriff's Office registry pinpoints sex offender whereabouts

Map on the The Scott County sex offender registry showing the listed address of registered offenders. Map on the The Scott County sex offender registry showing the listed address of registered offenders.
Sheriff Dan McClain Sheriff Dan McClain

SCOTTSBURG, IN (WAVE) - Just how well do you know your neighbors? It's a question Scott County deputies suggest parents ask themselves before leaving their children home alone this summer break.

"Information is power," said Scott County Sheriff Dan McClain. "If we can get that information out to the parents of these children out on the street then they'll know these offenders are close to them."

McClain takes his oath of office as Scott County Sheriff seriously. To protect and serve is more than just a motto; at the Scott County Sheriff's Office it's a mission.

"Sheriffs from around the state are usually responsible for the sex offenders in their county," said McClain. "I made that one of my big priorities once I came into office. So, we created the web site.

Thanks to the diligence of McClain's deputies, the web site allows the public to pinpoint Scott County sex offenders by location, name and even by face.

"You can sign up for email and text messaging so any time an offender has changed an address, relocated, changed a vehicle that they drive, moved in and out of our area then you will be notified about that immediately."

With sex offender updates added almost daily, McClain strongly encouraged parents review the sex offender registry, especially before opting to leave children unattended during summer break.

"Many of these offenders are offenses against children," said McClain. "The last thing we want is somebody that has committed and offense against a child to be out there and recommit an offense against a child."

However, the efforts of the Scott County Sheriff's Office to notify the public do not stop there. Social media has also become a part of the department's crusade.

"1,800 people saw this post and that was posted an hour ago," said McClain while highlighting a recent post to the agency's Facebook page.

"People usually get their Facebook information before they get their news from any other source," said McClain. "We found that people actually respond to that much better than they do an email alert."

While McClain said the agency's updates make sex offenders' whereabouts known, he said parents must also be on the look out inside their homes.

"A lot of kids have access to computers, Facebook, social web sites that they may be talking to people that are predators," began McClain, "Monitor that. Know who they're talking to, what they're talking about, where they're hanging out and monitor our sex offender web site."

The Scott County sex offender registry is updated regularly and available 24 hours a day.

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