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Mother of boy who nearly drowned: 'We lost him for a minute, but he came back'

Jamar Martin Jamar Martin
Jeannette Jackson-Martin Jeannette Jackson-Martin

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – A mother said she stepped inside to look for swim trunks when she heard her daughter scream. Five-year-old Jamar Martin had gone to the bottom of the pool and he didn't know how to swim.

Jeannette Jackson-Martin said her oldest daughter pulled Jamar out of the pool and started doing chest compressions. Jackson-Martin quickly ran over and began CPR.

"I did CPR and just brought him back," Jackson-Martin said. "We lost him for a minute but he came back that's just a blessing for us."

A blessing she has replayed in her mind since Saturday. Jackson-Martin said parents should not let their guard down when children are around water. She had left her older children in charge of the younger children and never thought 5-year-old Jamar would get close to the pool.

"I was surprised he got that close because he's afraid of swimming," Jackson-Martin said. "He's afraid of the pool."

Whether they are afraid of the pool or love it lifeguard Amanda Seifert with Clarksville Family Aquatic Center said kids get adventurous.

"They're doing flips off the side of the pool, they're doing all these things, and then they get water and they start to choke and then they can't swim," Seifert said. "and they're trying to cough it up and swimming and coughing at the same time doesn't work out."

She said drowning victims aren't always noticeable. Many times experienced swimmers may look like they're just playing under water.

"Kids have diving rings so they like to go play at the bottom of the pool and that's why our lifeguards are actively scanning all of the time," Seifert said. "Sometimes kids just get really tired and they're in the middle of the pool and they can't get to the side and that's another thing that really gets kids."

Seifert said if you see someone at the bottom of the pool for a long time and they are not moving, they are not playing, they need help.

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