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Sea lion's priceless reaction to little girl's spill goes viral

(Source: YouTube/Ariel Myren) (Source: YouTube/Ariel Myren)

If you've been to a zoo in your lifetime, you've likely seen children enjoying themselves in several different ways. Perhaps, you've even seen a child have an "oops" while having a little too much fun.

That's what happened at Smithsonian's National Zoo in Washington, D.C., but it's one particular reaction to the spill that is mesmerizing those who watch a YouTube video that has gone viral for the second time.

The scene was captured by Ariel Myren at the sea lion exhibit. 

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In the video, a little girl wearing a princess outfit is seen running back and forth near the glass enclosure. At the same time, a sea lion named Sophie is swiftly swimming from side to side.

At one point, the little girl trips and falls down. Amazingly, the sea lion stops and stares at the girl.

Some believe she is genuinely concerned about the little girl. "[He's] worried about her," says one of the visitors.

Sadly, Sophie recently passed away. The two-year-old sea lion was found dead at the bottom of her pool on May 9. Officials at the National Zoo said keepers reported her behavior to be normal the night before. Her cause of death was not apparent at the time. A necropsy was being performed that day, but results have not been made public.

A Reddit user recently posted the video again, helping it to again gain online momentum. It's gotten more than two million views just this week.

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