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WAVE 3 News Editorial - May 29, 2014: JCPS Budget

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By Ken Selvaggi - email
WAVE 3 News Vice President and General Manager

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Timing is everything.

The same week an audit of the Jefferson County Public School budget cited numerous concerns, school board members approved a 10% increase in the budget for the next school year. It was the largest percentage increase in nearly a decade, and nearly a half a million dollars more than a decade ago.

Two board members voted it down, citing lack of understanding beyond the numbers. The numbers are just shy of $1.4 billion, a record high. Little wonder that sufficient detail was hard to ascertain.

It isn't that the board members lack confidence in the budget, they just needed to know more about what they were being asked to approve.

 It is incumbent upon the superintendent to make sure all board members get all the detail they need on this budget, even though it has already been passed. Armed with this information, a better dialogue can be established in addressing efficiencies that can be achieved to curb the annual increases. 

It is a positive that the chief financial officer says the budget is based on no tax increases.

Let's hope that remains the case.     

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