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Few clues in Gene Snyder shooting

A bullet struck the passenger side of a car on the Gene Snyder. A bullet struck the passenger side of a car on the Gene Snyder.
Joe Muccigrosso Joe Muccigrosso
Nick Gustinis Nick Gustinis

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Police are calling it an active investigation, but are not searching for an active shooter after a man was shot while driving on the Gene Snyder Freeway Saturday evening.

Police are still searching for clues and would not confirm whether or not the shooting was random.

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"We've been here for about 20 years. We really like it it's peaceful," Joe Muccigrosso said.

He was on his back porch with his wife Saturday enjoying the cool evening.

"I told my wife, 'It's awful quiet here except for a gunshot. Pow,'" he recalled.

One gunshot followed was by another a few seconds later.  Joe's neighbor a few doors down was barbecuing in his backyard with his family when he heard the sirens.

"All of a sudden I seen a police helicopter come over on top of the house, really low, which is very unusual," another neighbor, Nick Gustinis said.

The neighbors later found out that a man had been shot while driving south on the Gene Snyder near the Smyrna exit. His two children who are in their pre-teens were also in the car.

"My wife kind of made the connection she texted me on her way to church," Muccigrosso said. "She goes, 'What about those two shots we heard yesterday?' and I thought, 'Oh, wow.'"

Police still haven't named any suspects. They say they're still looking for evidence and witnesses. They have now confirmed, however, that the shots were fired from a handgun.

The neighbors are concerned over the shooting, but both Muccigrosso and Gustinis remained confident their neighborhood is safe enough to enjoy another day outdoors.

"The kids have been riding four wheelers and dirt bikes all day and barbecued out for my son's birthday," Gustinis said.

The man who was shot told police he never saw a gunman, he just heard a pop before he realized he'd been struck. 

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