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Ensure driveway safety for children this summer

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More than 2,400 driveway accidents involving young children occur in the United States each year.

Sgt. Noel Houze with the Indiana State Police says driveways can be safe if you follow these guidelines:

  • Set the rules with your children- For example, tell kids that when they see a car approaching or leaving the driveway they need to meet up in the yard.
  • Listen- Turn your radio off before you enter the driveway to listen for the sound of children playing.
  • Count heads- Make sure you see all of the children that are supposed to be in the driveway before you pull in or leave.
  • Communicate- Tell your children when you are approaching and leaving the driveway and make sure no one is in front of or behind your car.

For more safety tips visit the Indiana State Police website.

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