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VetsHQ: Empowering Veterans Through Technology

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Fast, Secure, and Simple Access to Veterans' Benefits and Entitlements

UNIVERSITY PLACE, Wash., June 9, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- VA benefits seem complicated.  But it doesn't have to be that way.  With the VetsHQ launch today, 13.8 million Vietnam and Gulf War veterans and their families will have a fast, secure, and online analysis of the VA benefits and entitlements that apply to each, individually. VetsHQ puts the power in the hands of the veteran. 

Veterans and their families are underserved by the current system. VetsHQ helps change that by helping ensure America's commitments to veterans and their families are honored.

There are up to 75 benefits and entitlements an individual veteran, or the veteran's family, may be entitled to receive. Those benefits are accompanied by more than 21,000 pages of regulations and operating instructions and 568 different forms.    

On top of all this, the veteran may have to fill out up to 173 forms just to secure those entitlements.  The process is daunting and unfair - and managed through a maze of overly complex processes and piles of paperwork.

Veterans walk away, fed up by the bureaucratic twists and turns and the fog of government-speak. Nearly 60 percent of the nation's 22 million veterans are simply unaware of the benefits they have earned in service to their country. And just 23 percent of the nearly 54 million total population of veterans and their beneficiaries currently receive benefits from the VA.

VetsHQ changes all that. VetsHQ's mission is to help ensure America's commitments to veterans and their families are honored.

"Even the smallest of benefits can mean a better standard of living for a veteran and their family," said FastYeti Incorporated Co-CEO Linda Rix. "Benefits improve the quality of life. And that is a debt we owe every veteran."

VetsHQ provides clear guidance about the benefits each veteran member may be entitled to receive. VetsHQ cuts through jargon, conflicting instructions, and requirements that can make anyone dizzy. Using a dynamic questionnaire, VetsHQ walks the veteran through the claims assessment process - similar to what TurboTax® does for tax analysis. 

Consider this: the VA's regulations rate 34.5 on the Gunning-Fog readability index.  In other words, the level of "readability" is so poor that it requires 16.5 years of education beyond high school to read it accurately.  Even the VA's website benefits pages require a graduate level education to read (21.6 years of education).  Just cutting through this level of smokescreen is a feat in and of itself.  With its DIVE questionnaire approach, VetsHQ triumphs over government-speak and yet retains the level of accuracy needed. 

In addition, VetsHQ has partnered with certified Veterans Service Officers (VSOs) to make certain resources are available to help each veteran get a fair presentation of their claim at the VA. Each service officer also performs a quality assurance check on the forms and files the claim for the veteran. Not all veterans may decide to choose a service officer to represent them, but if they do, they will be in the hands of an advocate for their claim. 

The first step is simple: Know what benefits the veteran is eligible to receive.  The second step is to fill out the forms correctly and completely to avoid costly delays in processing the benefit claim. The third is to make sure the veteran or the veteran's service officer can be a powerful advocate by clearly identifying how the veteran qualifies. Through this knowledge there is power. With VetsHQ, all three of these elements are made possible.

"VetsHQ tips the scales in favor of a underserved veteran community," said Rix. "The current process keeps veterans and their families at arm's length - and at the mercy of a bureaucratic, cold, and indifferent process. VetsHQ is just the opposite. We democratize information about, and access to, benefits. Veterans are independent, strong, and motivated.  VetsHQ provides the means to channel these attributes so veterans can take control of defining their needs and determining how those needs are best met."

About FastYeti Incorporated

VetsHQ is a product of FastYeti Inc., which was founded in 2013. FastYeti creates premier technology to support self-directed services and interest-based digital communities. FastYeti was born out of the experience of its employees - not just skill to create technological developments, but more importantly understanding the experiences of people who are underserved. FastYeti is a technology company with a conscience, a willingness to challenge a status quo that has been less than positive with its key constituencies. FastYeti uses technology to affect social and governmental change - to bridge the gap between the individual, their needs and their government.

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The mission of VetsHQ is to help ensure America's commitments to veterans and their families are honored.

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