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USS Kentucky Crew Chat Transcript

On Thursday, November 18, 2004, WAVE hosted a chat with crew members from the  USS Kentucky submarine crew.

Joining us from the USS Kentucky were:

Jeremy V. Edwards
SK3 (Store Keeper Third Class)
Los Alimidos, CA

Mathew J. Matteson
MM1 (Machinist Mate First Class)
Parkersburg, WV (Raised in KY)

Click Here for information on the USS Kentucky.

Below is the transcript of the chat:

Please welcome our guests from the USS Kentucky, Jeremy V. Edwards from Los Alimidos CA and Mathew J. Matteson (Raised in KY)

mm1_matteson Good morning Kentucky. We are waiting for any questions that you might have. I am interested to hear if any of you saw the story about the USS Kentucky?

psetters_ships_contact <Q>Is life aboard a sub as crowded as is looks on TV 
mm1_matteson <A>Well, it can be at times. A Trident Submarine offers a lot more room than some of the other boats in the fleet.

strawberrysun <Q>when you are deployed do you get to make port calls like the carrier groups do 
sk3_edwards <A>Yes we do get to make port calls just like the surface fleet, but it is a liitle different because we only have a select few ports we can visit.

Suzanne <Q>Welcome, and thanks for what you do 
sk3_edwards <A>Suzanne, thank you for your support we do appreciate it.

Suzanne <Q>Mathew what part of KY are you from 
mm1_matteson <A>I am from Lexington.

kywoman35 <Q>when was the USS Kentucky commissioned? 
mm1_matteson <A>The Kentucky was commissioned in 1991.

strawberrysun <Q>do you do tiger cruises like the surface units 
sk3_edwards <A>We also just like the surface ship's do tiger cruises for family members who are interested.
Suzanne <Q>How long are you deployed at a time on average? 
mm1_matteson <A>On average, we are usually deployed from 50-90 days at a time. My longest patrol was 110 days away from homeport.

psetters_ships_contact <Q>How does one become a submariner 
mm1_matteson <A>All Submariners are volunteers. Generally, the recruit will volunteer in boot camp. From there, recruits usually go through different training pipelines before being assigned to a boat. That's where the journey begins. Qualifying in Submarines is not an easy task. A Submariner is required to be an expert on the whole ship, with emphasis placed on damage control efforts. It is only once the Captain has full faith and trust that you are designated as "Qualified in Submarines" and are awarded you Silver Dolphins.

waveadmin <Q>Pre-chat email question from Alan: I was curious as to how you get used to the close quarters onboard the ship? Also, what do you do for recreation? I assume you get some down time when you are not on duty. 
sk3_edwards <A>As far as close quarters on a trident we really don't have them because unlike the fast attack submarines or the 688 class we are very spacious you would be suprised. Also dealing with recreation we have plenty of exercise equipment, along with movies, video games, and underway activities the crew participates in.

waveadmin <Q>We've all seen how movies portray live aboard a submarine like Ice Station Zebra, Hunt for Red October, & Crimson Tide. Are those accurate portrayals of life aboard a submarine? 
mm1_matteson <A>Parts are accurate and some are not. In general, things are usually a lot more roomier. There are also a lot of things that cannot be shown on TV, which Hollywood takes generous amounts of journalistic freedom to portray.

sherrie_childers <Q>Excuse, Jeremy, that should be if you or anyone on the ship will be going home for the holidays. 
mm1_matteson <A>Yes, we are very fortunate to have time off for Thanksgiving and Christmas. We are not always so fortunate.

strawberrysun <Q>where is your sub stationed 
sk3_edwards <A>Our sub is stationed in Bangor, WA.

Suzanne <Q>How long have you all been active in the Navy? 
mm1_matteson <A>I have been in the Navy for six and a half years, and SK3 Edwards has been in for three years.

waveadmin <Q>How's the food? Hope that isn't classified material! 
mm1_matteson <A>I am told that food onboard a submarine is better than other Navy vessels. We generally have 2 or 3 choices to choose from at most meals. After a while, though, fresh fruits and vegetables become a rare commodity.

sherrie_childers <Q>Jeremy, I appreciate your participation in the protection of our nation and was wondering if any of you be able to be home for the holidays. 
sk3_edwards <A>The answer to the question if we are able to go home for the holidays is yes. It really depends on which one of the crew's is out to sea, sometimes we're able to and sometimes we're not.

Suzanne <Q>any Mariner fans on board 
mm1_matteson <A>Quite a few actually. We would like to see them do better next season.

strawberrysun <Q>do you do shellback initiations on sub like the carriers 
mm1_matteson <A>There have not been that many Trident Submarines to actually cross the equator. However, we were both onboard and initiated as shellbacks recently. As far as how they compare to that on carriers..... I'm not sure.

Suzanne <Q>Silly question, but do people get sea sick... I know I would. 
sk3_edwards <A>Suzanne- Yes believe or not people do get sea sick. The more patrols you do the more used to it you get.

Suzanne <Q>we all would. Jay Buhner needs to come out of retirement and moral for the team would be better 
mm1_matteson <A>Glad to hear that there are other Mariners fans out there. Jay would be definitely be a help.

strawberrysun <Q>my husband is a fellow shellback 
mm1_matteson <A>It is an honor that I would do again. Is your Husband still active?

strawberrysun <Q>how many guys are aboard your sub 
sk3_edwards <A>strawberrysun- The answer to your question is about 180 crew members.

psetters_ships_contact <Q>What was the Kentucky commissioned with 
mm1_matteson <A>The USS Kentucky was actually christened with a mixture of 8 different bourbons, as opposed to the traditional champagne.

Double_dolphin <Q>Are you aware that the Narwhal SSN 671 willco me to Newport Kentucky on a barge in 2007 and will be the first National Submarine Science DiscoveryCenter
sk3_edwards <A>Double_dolphin- No myself, nor MM1 Matteson knew that fact. So I guess you can say you taught us a little something today.

strawberrysun <Q>no disable/retired with 15 1/2 yrs in 
mm1_matteson <A>That is a long time... still seems very far away for me. Tell him that I said "Thanks"

Suzanne <Q>How often do you get to see your families? 
mm1_matteson <A>We usually have 2-3 leave periods per year. But being stationed in Washington makes it a little harder to get home as much as I would like.

psetters_ships_contact <Q>What happens during a typical crew rotation? 
mm1_matteson <A>During crew rotation, we have to totally turn over (or assume) control of all of the operating systems onboard. Therefore, our rotation is the time we use to review all the systems and records associated before assuming accountability.

sherrie_childers <Q>Are many on the ship making a career out of the service? 
mm1_matteson <A>A large majority do decide to make a career out of it. The Navy offers many programs which make it hard to find a comparable job and benefits in the civilian community.

strawberrysun <Q>what would be the most rewarding part of your jobs to you 
sk3_edwards <A>I would say that the most rewarding part of my job would be just getting to be a part of something only few get to experience.

kywoman35 <Q>Do you get to watch the Wildcats or the Kentucky Derby? 
mm1_matteson <A>I am a HUGE Wildcats fan. I miss Rupp Arena, so I watch as much as possible.

Suzanne <Q>Well I must get back to work, thanks again for keeping us safe. Happy Holiday's to you all, and God Bless 
mm1_matteson <A>Thank you Suzanne, we appreciate all of the support. Happy Holidays to you as well.

waveadmin <Q>How's the temperature/climate in the submarine? Is it damp, cold? 
sk3_edwards <A>The temperature is usually a little cooler about 60-65 degrees and the air tends to be a little dry. Overall it is not a bad climate.

strawberrysun <Q>is it true that when you are a certain depths you can actually hear the whales or is that a hollywood thing 
mm1_matteson <A>Yes, it is true that we can sometimes hear whales, along with schools of fish and shrimp!

krankin <Q>I am a teacher what would you like for my students 4th graders to know about USS Kentucky? 
sk3_edwards <A>Krankin'- Where would you like me to start.

psetters_ships_contact <Q>Does anyone ever get invited to attend Mariners games as part of the program? 
mm1_matteson <A>I am not sure if any of our Sailors have attended as part of the program. However, they have opened up the stadium for use for special functions such as re-enlistment ceremonies.

kywoman35 <Q>how do you get mail and send mail when you are at sea? 
mm1_matteson <A>We now have the capability to send and receive e-mail, which makes communication with our families and friends a lot easier. We do have the opportunity to surface and transfer regular mail every now and then, depending on our mission.

cgazaway <Q>What is a typical day like aboard USS Kentucky? 
sk3_edwards <A>A typical day on board the Kentucky is not that exciting, at first it was, but sometimes it gets kind of repetitive. You usually get about 4-5 hours of sleep you wake up, stand a 6 hour watch, eat, do your actual paperwork or repair something on the ship. Then you go work out or watch a movie and then go to sleep again.

sherrie_childers <Q>When you hear schools of fish and shrimp, is it the movement that is heard or do they emit sounds themselves. 
mm1_matteson <A>A lot of the sounds are from the movement. It sounds like a lot of clicking.

kywoman35 <Q>Thank you for your service... we appreciate all that you do to protect our freedom 
mm1_matteson <A>Thank you... we would not be doing it if we did not have the support of all Americans.

psetters_ships_contact <Q>Why are there two crews? 
sk3_edwards <A>There are two crew's becuase while one crew is out the other crew does training and is able to spend time with there families.

kacy <Q>Thank you ALL for your service 
sk3_edwards <A>Thank you Kacy.

haztechljfd <Q>do any of the sailors on the Kentucky need pen pals from home? 
mm1_matteson <A>We would always enjoy having more communication from home. It tends to break up the routine of our everyday activities.

haztechljfd <Q>mm1 matteson or sk3 edwards: do you all still 'hot rack'? 
mm1_matteson <A>We are lucky onboard a Trident Submarine. There is usually enough open space for people to sleep that we avoid "hot-racking."

kywoman35 <Q>what happens if you are seriously ill or injured? 
sk3_edwards <A>If you are injured the radiomen send off a message to a shore unit that in turn contacts another ship to go out to our boat to pick up the injured person.

Linda <Q>do you have cell phones with you? 
mm1_matteson <A>Cell phones do not work once the hatches are shut. However, as soon as we pull into port, you will usually see half the crew on the pier talking to their friends and family.

kacy <Q>I work on an Army project that will evolve to the Joint world; thank you for your service--we are working hard to build a force that gives you what you want and need ... your choices to serve mean more than you can know--thank you 
mm1_matteson <A>Thank you for your kind words. And thank you for working to make things better for all of us!

waveadmin <Q>Pre-chat email question from Bill: In war movies, there is always the gurgling sound that signifys a sub... does the sub really make that gurgling sound? Also, can you watch television programs while submerged? Anchor Away guys and THANKS 
sk3_edwards <A>Bill- sorry I really can't pinpoint that gurgling sound so I would probably have to say no.

kywoman35 <Q>Is it hard being away from your family and friends for such lenghty periods? How do you keep in contact? 
sk3_edwards <A>It can be difficult at times to be away from your family and friends, but we are able to send off mail and and contact them with e-mail as well.

haztechljfd <Q>this is for admin or the monitor of this chat are we allowed to exchange emai addys? 
waveadmin <A>send me an email at i will forward to the community affairs officer. i assume this is for pen pals? <Q>Do you have much time to conact your family, and when you do I would guess it is only through email. 
mm1_matteson <A>You are correct. We are fortunate to now have the capability to e-mail. Depending on our operational status, it is sometimes few and far between that we are able to transmit or receive them.

kywoman35 <Q>Do you have internet access at sea? 
sk3_edwards <A>We really don't have internet acess, but we can transmitt and send off messages to a shore unit.

haztechljfd <Q>yes it is. im a veteran of the Navy and i know how much it means to get mail 
waveadmin <A>

sherrie_childers <Q>Are you able to see ball games? If so, how much of a delay is there, hours or a day? 
sk3_edwards <A>sherrie_childers- unfortunately we are not able to see any sports when we're out at seas, but that would be cool though.

kywoman35 <Q>What about the holidays? Do they cook you a nice turkey dinner with all the trimmings? Do you have a Christmas tree? Can you receive care packages? 
mm1_matteson <A>The cooks always prepare an extra delicious meal for us on the holidays. We even had a tree and christmas lights hanging throughout the galley. Santa even made surprise appearances from time to time. We do receive care packages when able, and several of our Sailors had wrapped gifts to open on Christmas.

psetters_ships_contact <Q>How much personal space do you have on the boat? 
sk3_edwards <A>We don't have all that much personal space. We have a small locker located under our bed's which we call rack pans and we also have very small lockers stacked next to each other for our personal things.

kywoman35 <Q>Do you have a fresh water supply on board, or is it potable water? 
sk3_edwards <A>Actually we basically make our own water from sea water buy filtering it and it also goes through a cleaning process. <Q>Are you all out there for a long period of time before youi come back in. Thank goodness for email, it is such a great way for you all to talk to people at home like we are doing here today. We hope you know how very proud of all of you we are here back home. 
mm1_matteson <A>We average 50 -90 day patrols. However, my first patrol was 110 days away from home. That was a very long time. Thank you for your support. We wouldn't be doing it if it weren't for your support.

Double_dolphin <Q>I am a retired submariner and teacher go to and see what will be ahppening here in Kentucky 
sk3_edwards <A>Double_dolphin- How many and what were the submarines you were previously on?

mm1_matteson These are all very interesting questions. I am glad that we are here to give you an idea of what life onboard the USS KENTUCKY is like!

haztechljfd <Q>well from the ENTIRE Lebanon Jct FD Thanks 
mm1_matteson <A>And THANKS to all of you who are there keeping the people of Kentucky safe!

Barbara <Q>Type here I'm from Bullitt County and work at the former Naval Ordnance Station. It's naval history goes way back. Just wanted to get involved and say how proud we are of you 
mm1_matteson <A>Thank you very much. We are proud to be a continuing part of the history of the Navy.

sherrie_childers <Q>You mentioned working out and watching movies, is there a library onboard as well so you can read? 
sk3_edwards <A>Sherrie_childers- I did forget to mention that. The answer to that question is no. We bring our own books underway. I read for at least 2 hours before I go to bed.

kywoman35 <Q>Being so close to one another constantly is bound to grate on one's nerves... how are disagreements handled? Do you tend to get short tempered closer to the end of your patrol? 
mm1_matteson <A>You're right... at times people do tend to get on your nerves. I can honestly say, however, that our crew usually gets along well together. I have not witnessed any major disagreements underway. So I would have to say that anytime that happens, it is handled between the sailors themselves.

mm1_matteson Not for me... I appreciate hearing the support that we receive -- especially from the citizens of KENTUCKY!!!!!

baltimore <Q>What type of medical care do you have in the submarine? Is there a physician in each sub? 
sk3_edwards <A>Baltimore- Yes there is a medical coreman on every sub. We are fortunate enough to have a great coreman. As far as medical care our doc takes good care of us and when it so happens when he is not sure he can do the job he gets the medical attention that we need. <Q>I can't imagine 110 days on a submarine. Can you say how many are on board with you. As I sit here behind a desk it seems impossible I am chatting with a person who is so bravely protecting our country. I am very humbled. 
mm1_matteson <A>We usually go to sea with about 180 men.

haztechljfd <Q>hoo yah 
waveadmin <A>

Barbara <Q>mm1_matterson. How can you stand the close liviing conditions. I can't imagaine being below water confined. How big are you burths. 
sk3_edwards <A>Barbara- To answer the question for Matteson. The living quarters are really not that confined. As far as being under water it is really not that bothersome. You really can't even tell that you are under water.

donna_newlen <Q>how many men are on aboard at this time 
waveadmin <A>180

Barbara <Q>sk3_edwards. What's the cafeteria like and do you have to adhere to a schedule. 
sk3_edwards <A>Barbara- Our crew's mess is very comparable to a cafeteria. The food can be very good at times and aweful at others. We do have a set schedules as far as meal hours.

waveadmin <Q>Pre-chat email question from Philip: What is the ships' beam? 
mm1_matteson <A>The ships beam is 42 feet.

kywoman35 <Q>When diving and resurfacing, do you have a problem with pressure on your ears, like what happens on a plane when you get above a certain altitude? 
mm1_matteson <A>No... once we shut the hatches, the atmosphere is controlled by ships equipment. Once or twice a week, if allowed, we will come to the surface and exchange the air inside for fresh air.

donna_newlen <Q>what do you do in spare time is any 
mm1_matteson <A>With the little free time I have, I usually try to read. But there are a lot of other things to keep us busy. We have lots of movies onboard, as well as Nintendo and X-box games to play.

Barbara <Q>sk3_edwards. What's it like when there's a bad storm out and have you ever had to bring someone on board during a storm. 
sk3_edwards <A>When there is a bad storm the boat rocks heavily from side to side and that is when people get sea sick. We have never had to bring somebody onboard during a storm because it would be to dangerous.

kywoman35 <Q>Do you have problems driving a car when you come home on leave? I would think that it would take a while to get used to solid ground again. 
mm1_matteson <A>That's a good question -- the answer is Yes! You take for granted the little things that you do day to day on land that don't apply underway. I also enjoy seeing all of the little things that have changed around town since I have been gone.

psetters_ships_contact <Q>What is an A-GAnger? 
sk3_edwards <A>A-Ganger is a term for a mechanic. They are also known as the auxilary division hence the slang term A-Ganger. They are in charge of making air through C02 burners and scrubbers, potable water, fixing leaks etc.

Barbara <Q>sk3_edwards. Got to go now. Got to get back to work. You guys hang touch and know we're proud of you. 
sk3_edwards <A>Thanks Barbara! <Q>mm1-mastterson I see your a machinist is that a pretty tough job out there?Could any of you on a sub crew get deployed on anything else but a sub. What is an average Dinner consist of? 
mm1_matteson <A>It can be! We work hard to keep all of the equipment running as it should. But occasionally, things break. That can lead to long days. It is rare in these days that a Submariner gets stationed on anything else. Once we train a Submariner, we do not like to share! LOL. As far as dinner.... it just depends. It can be anywhere from corn dogs and chips to lobster and steak. Of course, there is always vegetables and bread to make it a full meal.

donna_newlen <Q>has the sub ever crahsed in something 
mm1_matteson <A>Not that I know of -- and I'll do my best to keep it that way. There have been a few subs that have, but fortunately I have not had to deal with that.

donna_newlen <Q>how long have you been in the sub 
sk3_edwards <A>I have been on the sub for almost three years now and am getting ready to go to my first shore duty in Pearl Harbor, Hawii.

sherrie_childers <Q>You mentioned a bad storm. How deep are storms felt at sea? I also am a weather watcher and check earthquakes and volcanos. Have you ever felt the vibrations from an earthquake or the rumblings from any volcanos? 
mm1_matteson <A>At times, we have felt rocking as far as several hundred feet below the surface. I am not aware of any vibrations from earthquakes or volcanoes.

kywoman35 <Q>LEAKS? You get leaks on a sub? That would freak me out completely! 
mm1_matteson <A>We try not to have any leaks, but we always train for the appropriate response in case that happens.

indyvet <Q>what is the longest time that you submerge 
sk3_edwards <A>The longest time I've been submerged was about 90 days straight. Let me tell you the first time I saw sunlight after that 90 days was like you saw sun for the first time all over again.

waveadmin <Q>Pre-chat email question from Chuck: Is Scott Thomas from Elizabethtown onboard the boat at this time? 
mm1_matteson <A>Scott left about a year ago. He is now stationed in Charleston, SC.

ukbeccaboo <Q>Type hereWhat kind of entertainment do you have on board? 
sk3_edwards <A>We actually have a variety of entertainment onboard such as: weights, movies, PS2's, X-box, games, books, board games and a few others.

sherrie_childers <Q>What type of lighting is used on the Kentucky. I know that if I don't see sunshine for an extended period, I tend to get a little depressed. How do you compensate for the lack of sunshine? 
mm1_matteson <A>All we have is fluorescent lighting onboard. Our schedule leaves little time to think about the "outside world." Underway, we have a strict routine that takes our minds away from those sorts of things. When we do have time, a movie or good book helps get you through...

donna_newlen <Q>i knew somebody that was on a sub but no more i think jeffrey tinsley 
mm1_matteson <A>That name does not ring a bell..

sherrie_childers <Q>My son served in the Navy and the ship he was on was stationed at Pearl for two years before it was reassigned to Japan. You will certainly enjoy your time there. We flew over as a family and spend a week there. It is so clean and there were no bugs. I was amazed. Also they have a sign ordnance and the golden arches are not very tall. <grin> 
sk3_edwards <A>Thank you Sherrie. I have heard a lot of good things also about Pearl. My girlfriend is also pretty excited about going.

ukbeccaboo <Q>Do you have any Kentucky Basketball fanson board? 
mm1_matteson <A>I am a HUGE Kentucky Basketball fan. I miss being able to see them play in Rupp. I still watch as much as I can...

donna_newlen <Q>sleeping quaters what do u do when there is somebody that snores and gets on your nerves 
sk3_edwards <A>When somebody snores and gets on my nerves I do the only thing I can do. Wake them up and fall asleep before they start snoring again.

hardingirl <Q>Hi there ! 
sk3_edwards <A>How are you doing hardingirl? <Q>mm1-matteson besides seeing and being with your family when you get home what are the things you you miss the most. I didn't know if you had special training to be on a sub. I bet there are no people like me that are claustopbic.(probably didn't spell that right. My husband and I visited an air craft carier and submarine that were docked near Charleston S.C. What an experiece, talk about tight quarters. You have my undying respect, and Thank you so very much for doing our country and me such a wonderful service. Consider this a huge hug for you and all the men who are there with you. Thanks again Stay Safe. We love you all. 
mm1_matteson <A>A home cooked meal. They sub and carrier in Charleston would make me claustrophobic! Thankfully, we have a little bit more room. Thank you for your kind words.

donna_newlen <Q>is sleeping quaters close together 
sk3_edwards <A>Sleeping quarters are really not that close together we have a sufficient amount of room in the quarters.

sherrie_childers <Q>ske_edwards, don't J-walk while you are in Oahu. Big fines for that and littering. 
sk3_edwards <A>Thanks for the tip Sherrie.

alisa <Q>Hi. How do you cope with being out of contact with your families for 6 months at a time? 
mm1_matteson <A>We are able to e-mail our families and friends every now and then. We even get real mail from time to time.

ukbeccaboo <Q>Do you have access to the internet any time you want so that you can keep track of scores and get game highlights? 
mm1_matteson <A>Unfortunately, no. We do receive news and sports updates frequently, so I am able to track the team. I will be in port for most of the season. However, I will miss March Madness this year....

Suzanne <Q>how long have you all been away from home? 
sk3_edwards <A>The longest I've ever been away from home port was for about 110.

kywoman35 <Q>good morning USS Kentucky... I did not see the story, but I read it online. How long before you guys set foot on solid ground again? 
sk3_edwards <A>I'm standing on solid ground right now. We've been back for a little while now. Thank you for asking though.

kywoman35 <Q>Can we send you fresh baked cookies from Christmas? 
mm1_matteson <A>Sure - we would love it!!! You can send them to : USS KENTUCKY (SSBN-737)(BLUE) next line FPO-AP 96698-2126

psetters_ships_contact <Q>How many men are in the crue 
sk3_edwards <A>There are about 180 crew members.

sherrie_childers <Q>Do you cruise with any battleship groups or alone? 
sk3_edwards <A>We do not cruise with other battleship groups we are on independent ops.

kywoman35 <Q>are you issued personal weapons when serving on a submarine? 
sk3_edwards <A>We are not alowed personal weapons onboard for the simple fact we inventory all of our equipment and sign for custody.

kywoman35 <Q>What are the types of things that you have to do without while on the USS Kentucky? For instance, the men in Iraq ask for chapstick and hand lotion... what do you guys need? 
mm1_matteson <A>We are usually able to take an adequate supply for the time that we will be gone. As I said before, what I miss the most is a good home cooked meal. A long, hot shower is also nice when I get home.....

ukbeccaboo <Q>Work is calling it was great chatting with you and keep up the good work and take heart when UK wins it all they will make a highlights video for us all to play over and over. bye 
mm1_matteson <A>I will definitely be looking for that one. Thanks for chatting and have a good day.

waveadmin <Q>how far is Bangor from Seattle? 
sk3_edwards <A>Bangor is about an hour and 15 minutes away from Seattle.

donna_newlen <Q>how many times do you stay on land 
sk3_edwards <A>You stay on land for about 6 months out of the year.

kywoman35 <Q>What kind of bathing facilities do you have on board? 
mm1_matteson <A>We have 4 showers that are shared by about 150 guys. We have a limited amount of water and waste facilities, however, so showers are usually quick.

LadyRegina42 <Q>mm1_matterson will you guys be coming home soon my prayers are with you 
mm1_matteson <A>I will be coming home for Christmas. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers.

sherrie_childers <Q>Can you receive packages and mail while at sea or need to wait until in port? 
sk3_edwards <A>Every once in awhile we can recieve mail and packages when we're out at sea usually when we are bringing on an inspection team, but mostly have to wait until home port.

Chuck <Q>sk3_edwards: Do you like the west coast assignment or would you rather be back at Kings Bay? 
sk3_edwards <A>I love it out here on the west coast especially since I'm a little closer to my home state California.

Double_dolphin <Q>May your patrols be silent,your meals banquets, and every day a holiday God Bless and I wish all of you the best of holidays .My 15 years on subs were the best. You may take the man out of a submarine but you can't take the submarine out of a man! 
sk3_edwards <A>Thank you Double_dolphin we appreciate you support and good luck to you in whatever you do.

alisa <Q>where in california are you from? 
sk3_edwards <A>I was born in los alimidos, but mainly lived in the Cypress area. <Q>To all of you Thanks again, be safe our prayers are with you. You and all the rest of out military are the Pride of the United States. I wouldn't want to live any where else in the world. Work is calling. Thank you so very much. 
sk3_edwards <A>Thank you bjenkins

Crystal <Q>What type of recreational activities are available to you while onboard? 
mm1_matteson <A>We have many choices.... we have several treadmills and exercise bikes, as well as free weights. We have TV's available to watch movies or play games on. We also have computers available for playing games. I prefer to read a book or play a game of cards.

sherrie_childers <Q>mm1_matteson, what part of WV is Parkersburg in? 
mm1_matteson <A>It is on the border with OH, where I-77 goes North.

gene.iler <Q>Hello Guys how is it going, Was in the Army for four years and just wanted to say hang in there and we are all proud of you 
sk3_edwards <A>Once again we really do appreciate your guys support it makes our job a lot more enjoyable.

kywoman35 <Q>I must go now... THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR SERVICE!!! 
mm1_matteson <A>Thanks for all your questions and kind words. Have a great day!

LadyRegina42 <Q>my ex husbandwas in the Navy and stationed on the USS Saratoga 
sk3_edwards <A>LadyRegina42- How did he like the Navy?

LadyRegina42 <Q>how are all you guys doing out there? 
sk3_edwards <A>LadyRegina42- So far so good.

Chuck <Q>Hey guys, gotta run, work calling. Just want to say THANKS for the great job you are doing! Tell all the crew Happy Holidays for all of us here. 
sk3_edwards <A>Thanks Chuck.

mm1_matteson Do you have any questions about life onboard a submarine?

sherrie_childers <Q>Thank you for keeping watch over the US. I am grateful to each of you and your shipmates for keeping us safe. Happy holidays and God bless. 
sk3_edwards <A>Happy Holidays to you and thank you sherrie.

mm1_matteson <A>Not really. We control the atmosphere using onboard equipment. Over time, the pressure tends to decrease, but we use our fans to keep it as close to atmospheric pressure as possible.

sk3_edwards <A>Thank you KYCHIK it always is good to hear it.

aw <Q>I would just like to wish all members of the USS Kentucky a happy holiday and may god bless each and everyone. Thank you for everything that your doing for us it is much appreciated. 
sk3_edwards <A>Thank you aw and we wish you and your family a happy holidays as well.

mm1_matteson <A>Thank you for the kind words and all the support that we receive from Kentucky!!

dhot <Q>how many females are on board 
sk3_edwards <A>I hate to dissapoint you, but it is an all male crew.
waveadmin We have about 5 minutes remaining in the chat. Please ask your final questions.

mm1_matteson <A>That varies... anywhere from several days to almost 90 days!

waveadmin <A>180

bel222 <Q>All men! sounds good to me! 
mm1_matteson <A>LOL -- it can get old after a while....

dhot <Q>just want to say good luck and keep up the good job 
sk3_edwards <A>Thanks for your support dhot.

mm1_matteson Thanks to everyone who asked questions and showed their support. From all of us onboard USS KENTUCKY, have a safe and happy Holiday season.

sk3_edwards <A>No. It sucks at first knowing that, but really women being onboard would definately be distracting.

waveadmin Thanks for all your questions today and thanks to our guests from the USS Kentucky.

bel222 <Q>it could never get old! good luck guys and thanks for everything. 
mm1_matteson <A>Thank you very much.

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