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Business says marketing company didn't deliver Valhalla ad

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Businesses are trying to get in on the excitement as the PGA Golf Championship comes back to Valhalla. For some the increased exposure makes it a perfect time to advertise.

One local company said it paid for an ad in a magazine aimed at golf fans. The owner says she was told it would be distributed top inside top Louisville country clubs. That didn't happen.

The company, Executive Publishing, has an F rating with the Better Business Bureau and at least one country club manager told me he asked the marketing company behind the magazine to stop using their name, saying their salesman are making promises they can't keep.

Jaimie Wenz hoped the hype around this summers PGA Championship could build some buzz for her new business KURect your skin solutions. So when she got a call from a Florida marketing company selling ad space in a magazine - the salesman said - would be placed inside golf pro shops Wenz bought in.

"I have a lot of clients that golf," Wenz said.

Wenz agreed to pay Executive Publishing $800 for two full page ads inside The Right Connection Magazine. In a mock up on the company's website, it has articles about golf, travel and health mixed in with pages of advertisements.

Wenz said the salesman told her the magazine would be distributed at Big Springs, Standard and Valhalla Country Clubs among others. But four months later, it looks like something went wrong with the Right Connection.

"I've requested five times now copies of this publication to be sent to my home so I could see this," Wenz said. "But I have not yet received that."

Managers at the three country clubs Wenz thought she would be advertising in say they've never heard of the Right Connection magazine.

The Louisville Country Club has. General manager David Brown told us in 2011 he heard Executive Publishing salesman were claiming LCC was a sponsor of the publication. He called the Boca Raton based firm and told them to stop using the club's name.

Country club managers tell us boxes of magazines like the Right Connection are sometimes mailed to their pro shops. But they're immediately thrown away offering none of the exposure advertisers thought they were getting.

Frustrated, Wenz demanded her money back.

"That could be extra product for me to have for my clients," Wenz said. "It could be an actual advertisement in a local publication."

Executive publishing refused to giver a refund.

"We did everything we said we would do in the agreement that she signed," said Sean Kelly, general manager of Executive Publishing.

That agreement does not specify in writing where the Right Connection Magazine will be distributed. Or even that it will be distributed.

Only that it will be produced. So was it?

Kelly said he would send a reporter a copy. The publication has not arrived.

Wenz challenged the charge with her credit card company Chase. She says Executive Publishing sent Chase print outs of ads she says were made up mostly from designs pulled right from her website. But no actual magazine.

It was enough, however, to convince Chase it should not reverse the charges.

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