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Moonshine University schools bourbon enthusiasts

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - It may not fall under the city's lofty educational mission of 55,000 degrees but it certainly is a chance to learn a lot. 

In the bourbon capital of the world getting schooled on the angel's share, knowing your whiskey from your whiskey and even learning a few culinary skills with distilled spirits is pretty important.     

"We're in the hub of everything," proclaimed Colin Blake of Moonshine University.  "It's called the Distilled Spirits Epicenter cause we're actually within 50 miles of everything you need to open, operate and run a distillery," he explained of the site at 801 South 8th Street.

According to the Distilled Spirits Council, the Bourbon Industry is seeing the biggest expansion since prohibition.  Even if you are not looking to open, run or operate a distillery, Moonshine University believes they have classes to fit every personality and need.

"Well we have something for everyone actually. We kind of have different levels for all the different people and what they want to know about the spirits," Blake boasts.

You can sign up for an in-depth week long education of the spirits or a spirited night all in fun.

Blake takes a deep breath as he runs down the curriculum, "So we teach about whoa, several different kinds of whiskey, gin, absinthe, rum, vodka. People can come in and learn certain aspects of bourbon, the bourbon trail, cooking with bourbon, bourbon history."

Class participation is encouraged as well.

"Education on this level needs to be interactive.  If you go to one of the big distilleries they're not gonna let you pour the grain in the mill.  They're not gonna let you put your hand in the fermenter and throw yeast and all that but we will," he stresses.

Moonshine University gives you a look at distilled spirits like no one else can.  Vendome Copper and Brass Works, the oldest copper fabricators in the world serving in the distillation industry located in Butchertown, made sure of that by building a one of a kind glass still so students could not only learn how a still works but see it.

"We're really lucky.  This is the only still like this in the entire world.  No one else has a fully functioning glass still," Blake says proudly.

There's also not another facility quite like Moonshine University at the Distilled Spirits Epicenter in the country.

"At the end we want you to be able to interact and get hands on with everything that you're learning," Blake explained.

The Vendome stills at Moonshine University are handcrafted to distill any request from the public while the staff pours out knowledge and history as well.

"This is the saddest story of them all.  We destroy our spirits.  We're an educational facility.  We don't make any products of our own.  When all the students leave we open the drain and it all goes away," Blake says with a smirk and a sigh.

To learn about Moonshine University and their daily lit of changing classes head to<> .

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