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Phoenix city leaders promise to take voluntary pay cut


Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton and Phoenix City Council members have announced plans to take a voluntary pay cut similar to the one they placed on city employees to deal with a $38 million budget shortfall.

"I shouldn't ever be asking my employees to do something that I wouldn't do myself," said Stanton. "It is very appropriate and the right thing for elected officials to do."

According to the city charter, elected officials cannot give themselves a raise or pay cut, only the voters can.

Stanton told CBS5 he will donate 2.5 percent of his salary and compensation over the next two years. It is the same cut city employees will take.

CBS5 reached out to all eight Phoenix City Council members to see if they'd be donating part of their salaries as well.

Every council member CBS5 heard back from said they will take a self-imposed pay cut, which amounts to roughly $325 this year and $651 next year.

But Phoenix City Council member Sal Diciccio is a little skeptical.

Diciccio told CBS5 that he's given more than $47,000 in benefits and other compensation back to the city since 2009, while other city leaders have refused to take cuts until now.

"They saw he public outcry on this, and now they are claiming they'll take a cut when they've had every opportunity in the past," said Diciccio. "It's going to be up to the media and the public to hold them accountable."

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