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Rash of car break-ins reported at pools, parks and tennis courts

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Stephanie Cox Stephanie Cox

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – A rash of car break-ins in Middletown has prompted a warning from police. On Father's Day, while a lot of people were outside enjoying the beautiful weather Louisville Metro Police from the 8th division responded to nearly 20 smash and grab burglaries in just a few hours.

Thieves targeted parks, swimming pools and tennis courts. It was clear to police this group was looking for people enjoying recreational activities and in many of these cases the victims were 30 to 40 feet away from their cars when the break-ins occurred.

Stephanie Cox brought her children to the playground at E.P. Tom Sawyer Park Tuesday, but what she didn't bring could have encouraged a fast and brazen crime.

She left her purse on the floor board of her car.

Major Barry Wilkerson says an organized group of thieves looked for women just like Cox all afternoon long on Sunday.

"They're targeting vehicles that have purses or jewelry laying out in plain view of the cars they would smash and grab," said Wilkerson.

From Tom Sawyer, Douglass Hills Swimming Pool, Crosby Park and tennis courts along Elite Drive, Wilkerson said this group knew what they were doing and knew they were picking places where women typically do not carry purses.

"There's actually storage boxes that you can mount in your car, if you don't have a trunk you can put them in," said Wilkerson.

Runner Julie McCullough said despite always feeling safe at the park she makes sure she's doesn't leave anything in her car.

"I usually take everything with me, like I only take my ID and a credit card or something and I put with my phone in my phone case," said McCullough.

Even her car key she ties to her shoe. As for Cox, she decided to make a change on Tuesday and moved her purse to the trunk. 

"It definitely would be safer in there," said Cox.

Major Wilkerson said they are beefing up patrols in the recreational areas. If you have any information that could help police make an arrest call (502) 574-LMPD.

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