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Police warn of repaving scam targeting seniors

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CLARKSVILLE, IN (WAVE) – Police say an con artist is back on the streets and targeting residents in Clark County.

According to Clark County police, the suspect will go to homes and offer to repave driveways. He tells residents they will need to pay for half of the driveway up front and that he will purchase materials and return to finish the work in the morning. However, the man does not come back and instead the victim is out hundreds of dollars.

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Officers call it the Seal Driveway Scam and said the perpetrators target seniors.

To avoid being a victim police advise residents not to pay in advance and to write the license numbers of the vehicle that offers them services. Also check to see if the person offering to do work is insured and check with police to see if anyone has already been scammed by this person.

To contact the Clarksville Police Department call (812) 288-7151.

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