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Evangel volleyball camp serves up good attitude


Volleyball, with its power serves, spikes and Japanese rolls, is a sport that is continuing to grow in Louisiana, and Evangel helped locals perfect their game.

Former University of Florida All-American and Panola College head volleyball coach Amber McCray led the three-day camp. She said her goal was to introduce her sport to the masses.

"I think it's just spreading interest, getting it out there and having camps like this and different clinics where a lot of players don't really know if they like the sport or not because they have never had the opportunity to play," she said.

For McCray, attitude is everything, both on the court and off.

"Never set any limits on yourself just because you may start later than they start at other places," she said. "You may not have as much skill or experience.

"Don't get frustrated, just always work hard. It's definitely a game that gives back so the more you put in it the more you will get out of it," she said.

La'Coria Tadmey has been soaking in all this inspiration.

"It's taught me different techniques that I didn't know before and broken some bad habits, and I'll take this with me as I play next season," she said.

After this week, three Evangel seniors are ready to take on a leadership spot on their teams when the season starts in September.

Former Landers Athlete of the Week La'Muriell Thrower said she's ready to take the lead.

"We have a big role for the team but it's really exciting," she said. "It's also bittersweet but it'll be our last year playing."

One thing that these ladies learned from the camp was that attitude can either build or break your team.

"Attitude and energy - one of the biggest things that we have learned this week," said Rylee Powell. "It doesn't just start on the court, but off the court, and how we treat our teammates. A good attitude helps us, and instead of bringing the team down, like a domino effect, we lift them up."

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