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Longview grand jury says not enough evidence to convict possible hit-and-run driver

Tabitha Lynn Gentry. (Source Family) Tabitha Lynn Gentry. (Source Family)
LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) - A grand jury has decided that there is not enough evidence to convict a suspect in the December hit-and-run death of a Longview woman.

Tabitha Lynn Rodriguez was struck by a car on Green Street in Longview back on December 21. The accident killed Rodriguez. Longview police say they investigated the circumstances surrounding her death, conducting interviews and investigating before and after the accident occurred.

A person who believed he or she might have been involved in Rodriguez' death contacted Longview police and provided information. After investigating these circumstances, the police delivered their findings to the District Attorney's office for presentation to a grand jury to determine if sufficient probable cause existed to bring any charges against this person.

The case was presented to a grand jury earlier this month and resulted in the grand jury returning a "no bill," meaning the jury found there was not sufficient evidence presented to support the suspect's prosecution.

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