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Wheelchair bound victim thankful serial arsonist was caught

Linda Lee Linda Lee
Devin Cameron Devin Cameron

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - For more than a year, people have worried their families were in danger or were being targeted after a string of wreath fires and other arsons at homes around Louisville. Friday, investigators announced they have their serial arsonist and she's a 54-year-old married woman with a teenager.

Devin Cameron is a proud Louisville father and husband who happens to need a wheelchair. However, being wheelchair bound was a big reason a night last October was one of the most terrifying moments of his life.

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"We were both sleeping," Devin Cameron remembered. His wife Abby Cameron woke to a noise and saw the front of their home was on fire. "My wife basically woke me up and my wife was trying to call 911 over and over," he recalled. "She was so nervous and so scared!"

His wife suffered smoke inhalation, but managed to get Cameron into his chair and out of the house safely, luckily their daughter wasn't home at the time.

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The family went through months of home repairs and questions about who did this and why. "It was a very tense time," he said. 

Relief came Friday in the form of a confession and the arrest of Linda Gail Lee. Investigators said Lee set 37 fires. In many cases, they said Lee set door wreaths on fire at homes in Hikes Point and Jeffersontown.

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Investigators said after throwing back drinks at a local bar, Lee would drive around and randomly pick houses. Other times, if she was mad at a particular person they said she would use a lighter and torch their wreaths or flags near the front door. Investigators said she also confessed to setting three motorcycles on fire.

Arson Investigator Major Henry Ott said Lee claimed she was driven by depression in her confession. Ott explained, "She was not as successful as she wanted to be."

Cameron said that's a pitiful excuse. "To hurt people that are just trying to go to work or take care of their family and endanger lives," he said. "It's disgusting, horrible and cruel."

Lee was arrested by the Metro Arson Squad and federal ATF agents. She's charged with 19 counts of arson and eight counts of wanton endangerment. More charges are pending.

Cameron said he is thankful to both the arson squad and the media for staying on top of the investigation.

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