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Organizers hope to make changes to 'Bologna Alley'

Mark Hyde Mark Hyde
Molly Chesney Molly Chesney
Sabrina Brown Sabrina Brown
Father Jeff Nicholas Father Jeff Nicholas

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - It doesn't matter how hot it is or how much snow is on the ground there's one place that's always open.

Sandefur Dining Hall means a lot to several people in the community and organizers are hoping to make menu changes to benefit those who eat there.

Mark Hyde, 41, has come to the dining hall for lunch for the last three years. Once homeless, he now has a part time job and lives at the YMCA.

"I feel good. Now off the streets," said Hyde.

Seven days a week he stands in line with about 160 others members of the community in the alley behind the Cathedral of the Assumption in downtown Louisville.

Sandefur Dining Hall has served food to the needy since the Great Depression.

The menu usually consists of the same thing.

"Bologna," Hyde explained, "That's why it's called Bologna Alley."

Even though the staff and volunteers try to provide a variety of healthy foods, the budget only goes so far.

"If we could get away from bologna that would be wonderful. If we could do sliced turkey. Or ham. That would be the thing that would help a lot," said Molly Chesney, with Sandefur Dining Hall. 

Those eating here are grateful for the food and the clean and comforting surroundings. It reminds those who eat there, like Sabrina Brown, that those who wander, are not lost.

"Sometimes we get to feeling like no one cares about us. We are forgotten. That poster tells me that at least that this places knows I am not lost. I do have a family and I am loved somewhere," she said.

That's why this is a mission that will continue. Father Jeff Nicholas with the Cathedrial of the Assumption said, "The scripture says 'to those given much, much is expected.' And we're given much."

How do they hope to pay for those healthier foods? For the first time a fundraiser set up specifically to benefit the Sandefur Dining Hall will be held.

The event will is modeled after the show Dancing with the Stars. One of the contestants is WAVE 3 News Anchor Shannon Cogan, who will dance the Argentine Tango with her partner Brandon Thompson of Shall We Dance.

The event will take place Saturday, June 28 at the Seelbach Hilton, located at 500 South 4th Street. To purchase tickets or for additional information, click here.

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